Student Vaakah's FR+++: Swedish Nipple Suckage and Make Out

"Then I reached into her shirt, and played with her boobs. Took her boobs out of her shirt and kissed them a little."

A couple of months ago, I did a week long Field Critique program with an Asian brother who flew all the way from Scandinavia. This is also the bro who, on his first night, got some bullshit racism from a girl about the "small penis" Asian stereotype. I'm glad to see that it hasn't affected him and he's going stronger than ever!

He's currently trotting the glove, but here's a terrific Field Report with some breast action!

Remember: Think faster. Game harder. BE BETTER.

"Background: I am staying in a small city in Guatemala. This place is packed with young travelling european and american girls learning Spanish and doing volunteering work. In reality though, most of them are just first time away from home, and looking to have fun.

Field report:

Walking out of a dance club, I saw a blonde girl and a guatemalan guy are kissing outside by the door. There's another blonde standing next to them, looking bored. While not particularly beautiful, she has long curly hair, big blue eyes, and is quite cute. I walked up and fluffed with her a few sentences.

I found out that she's Swedish, and she's bored because her friend "and this guatemalan guy has been kissing for three days" and she doesn't know what to do around them. I told her: "Why don't you walk with me for a couple of minutes and I will tell you about my trip to Sweden. Bring you right back in 10 minutes."

So walked to a small park around the corner.
Me: You must be the tiniest Swedish girl I've ever seen! How much do you weight?
HB6: Hmm.. 45 kilo?

I laughed, carried her up in my arms and spinned her a few circles. She protested, but laughed.

I then sat her down my laps, fluffed, french kissed her.

Me: What cup size do you have?
HB6: A. I'm really small.
Me: No way!

Then I reached into her shirt, and played with her boobs. Took her boobs out of her shirt and kissed them a little. We played around for about 15 minutes. She sang a traditional swedish song for me as I reached into her underwear. But she won't let me go any further once i reached her pubic hair. I escalated a bit more by kissing her neck, but she still won't let me finger her. So I brought her back to her friends."

-Vaakah (Finland)

Signed, Asian Playboy

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