Gatsby's FR+: First Make Out Close

"The bootcamp really helped w/ my overall conveying of my alpha personality through various methods. I’m aware of a girl’s attractions switches, so I actively and passively always try to trigger them."

-Gatsby (NYC)
Continuing the journey of the Great Gatsby, I give you his FIRST EVER MAKEOUT CLOSE.

It just warms the cockles of my heart to know that I made some difference to an Asian brother and gave him the belief and the skillset to take him where he's never gone before.

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So read on, for Gatsby's first makeout close!

Gatbsy's FR+: First Make Out Close

Another night out.

I went out w/ 3 of my friends to a club near Union Square. We went downstairs and two of my natural friends get opened by 4 girls immediately. Both are 8 - 8.5 in looks and over 6 feet tall. Lucky bastards.

So I go downstairs to get my “cranberry juice.” While I walk to the bar, I notice AI from an Asian6. I shrug it off. I get my cranberry juice and drink it while I watch the U.S. Open and I go outside to text message a friend to come to the party.

Asian6 is outside, smoking with her friend. So I open her by asking for a cigarette though I don’t smoke. IOIs. Sweet. I sensed strong attraction so I decided to skip the attraction stages (APB’s AB or Mystery’s 1, 2, 3” and go directly into rapport and comfort. Lots of commonalities. Good. Her friend tells Asian6 that she’s going to go inside. Asian6 says that she’ll stay outside. Wow, she just isolated herself. Cool.

I realize that that I’m “in.” More comfort / rapport and some attraction stuff when it goes stale, etc. I demonstrate higher value and I notice her qualifying herself to me by talking about how she knows a lot of people in NYC nightlife and how she knows a lot about NYC.

I tell her that we should go inside. I introduce her to my friends who have already met 7 of her friends. My 2 natural friends were hooking up w/ 2 of her friends already. Quick bastards.

We’re isolated in a corner. I check logistics. All 7 of her friends are crazy drunk and she has to take care of them and makes sure everyone gets home. Damn it. I can’t pull her to my place.

Now… it was time to make a decision. Do I go for her hotter friends… or do I stay with her? I remember asking APB a question – do you always go for the 8, 9? He says, “It depends. When you approach a target… and you know you have 99% chance of fucking her… why bother risking that to go for a hotter girl… where your chance of fucking the hotter one is reduced and the possibility of you going home alone is increased? Bottom line: You have to decide – Is she fuckable?” I decide, “yes.” So I keep on gaming.

She shit-tests me. “Do you do this often? You hook up a lot w/ girls you meet at bars, huh?” (Umm… no you’ll be my first, sweetie.) I reply, “I guess you’ll just have to find out, huh?” (Thanks to David DeAngelo’s C/F) People might think a 6 is much easier than 8,9 but in reality, they are in some ways just as hard, for they are much more skeptical and insecure, so you have to calibrate your game so she feels like she’s winning / attaining you over. You have to compliment her on various things so she feels like you really do appreciate her. (Which I did… I don’t mean to sound manipulative.)

She wants me to kiss her. I can tell. But I don’t. I’m in this for the f-close, not for the make-out close. Instead, I set up a day 2 for tomorrow. I don’t want her to have buyer’s remorse. I might’ve calibrated inaccurately but I really wasn’t in the mood anyway. (Or am I rationalizing?)

I run my cattle call routine at 1:30 AM. She’s impressed. I had triggered her “experienced man” attraction switch.

I debriefed her mid-way. I asked her, “What did you notice about me?” Here are some key points.

- “You’re cute. And you dress really well – I go to fashion school.” (Everything I was wearing… from the shirt, jeans, boots, belt, belt buckle – I bought w/ APB during bootcamp. I owe that mother fucker.)

- “You’re really smart and experienced… How do you know all this?” (I taught her a lot about the bar scene and the social dynamics that occur. Isn’t it ironic that I’ve only been going to bars / clubs for a week during boot camp? Thanks APB.)

- I realized that I triggered all her attraction switches by demonstrating value – leader of men, experienced man, pre-selected, fun / humor, etc.

I was most impressed w/ myself at how well I recognized IOIs, social dynamics, calibration, logistics, etc. What I learned at the boot camp had become internalized. I stay w/ her till about 3:30 AM – lots of kino, holding hands, etc. She even buys me a drink… though I’m not supposed to drink anymore. We set-up Day 2 and she gets a taxi w/ her friends. I call her afterwards to make sure she got home safely.

Day 2

She takes the subway to my place. We eat at a nice restaurant. I pay – 17.50 per person. Not too bad.

She comes back to myplace. We chill at the rooftop. Make-out.

We go back to my room. She’s astonished at how small it is. Blah. J Show her some youtube videos and some pictures that I’ve taken. Make-out, Feel titties. She says that she should stop. I push it a little 2, 3 times, but she keeps on saying “Later… I promise. Later.”

I stop. I take her to the subway.

I debrief her.

I asked her:

1. Did I lose points because my place was so small?
- “No, I understand because it’s New York City. But I can’t believe you don’t have a bed. Your futon’s really uncomfortable… If you’re going to have girls over, you need to get a comfortable bed.”

- “You also need some decorations. It’s really boring right now.

- Update: I bought a twin size bed TODAY!

- Note: She said the same things that APB said about my room. I ignored APB when he said that, but I realize how correct he was.

2. She also said, “If I didn’t like you, I would’ve slept with you.” But “since I like you, I want to take it slow.”

- My reply: “Oh, so I should start being an asshole, huh?” She’s like “No… then I’d never call you again.” I reply, “Oh, more the reason to being an asshole.”

- My interpretation of what she said: “You don’t trust yourself w/ me. You want to make sure I stick around after you sleep w/ me.” à Time to run more trust, comfort, and connection while not leading her too much so she doesn’t expect LTR. I think I can lay her by this weekend.

She trust to run a few shit-tests and games, but I laugh it off as if it’s cute. She says something like, “I’ll only come over if you get a bed.” Funny.

She says she’ll help me w/ decorations and stuff, too. Can’t complain about that.

- My first cold pick-up that led to a make-out close.

- No sexual anxiety. Probably cause she was a 6 and there was strong attraction.

- I read and calibrated my actions and words almost flawlessly. I’m starting to get it.

- She thinks I’m super experienced and alpha. She’s a party girl, so she’s probably seen and been w/ quite a few guys. But I realized through my body language, stories, voice tonality, and observations, I conveyed all the right things.

- The bootcamp really helped w/ my overall conveying of my alpha personality through various methods. I’m aware of a girl’s attractions switches, so I actively and passively always try to trigger them.

-Gatsby (New York City)

Signed, Asian Playboy

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