Alumni Ace's Lay Report: Virginity Lost on Second Date! [Part 1]

"Two of the dudes were just starring at us, they didn’t AMOG or anything but I found it funny... We get inside and she asks me whatd I’m doing after this. I tell her my buds already left so prolly heading back down. She then tells me to come home with her."

From my student Ace, an Asian bro who took a bootcamp with me several months ago, I have his FIRST lay report. No, literally, it really is his first ever lay!

Our boy Ace from Denver lost his virginity! And it was with a pretty sexy, stacked blonde 8 no less. Way to go bro!

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"I had met this HB8 two weekends ago and the attraction was real strong and we were making out, there was a good chance I could have taken her back but my place logistics weren’t there so I time bridged her. She couldn’t make it b/c she was sick (later she told me she just didn’t wanna go… kinda suspected it but gave her the benefit of the doubt, lol).

We played the whole phone thing and I made sure to focus on building comfort and give time high value time constraints. We agreed to meet this past Friday at Lodos and grab a few drinks. I got the feeling she was trying to invite me to dinner with her friends but I didn’t want to. The last time I couldn’t pull b/c of logistics, I was the DD. So I drove myself and my buds drove another car.

(I still remember a image of APB saying “Logistics get you laid”)

I got to Lodos with me and two natural buds and one of their girlfriends at 1030. We got a table and just shot the shit. She called me asking if “Asian Delight was there” (she has a thing for asian guys) and told me her friends wanted to go to crocs instead and for me to meet me there. I didn’t want to fall in her frame so I told her I just got here with friends and wanted to hang out and for her to use her persuasive power to bring her friends over here.

She told me shed try and gimme a call back. I hung out with my buds somemore, they didn’t feel like opening any sets, just hanging out, so I did that too. She told me they wouldn’t move and for me to join them, I tell her to give me a little bit and I would. I head over to crocs and see her and her friends… I immediately say hi to the ugly one and befriend her (she cock blocked me last time) then say hi to HB8 and hug. I meet her other friend (HB7) and the 3 guys their with.

With the exception of one, the three guys just seem out of place and are social retards. HB8 took off to the bathroom and I spend time befriending the cockblock. Earlier on the phone, I had sensed the attraction had died down but it didn’t seem like it in person when HB8 was really receptive to me. Either way, I started to DHV (I read her eye movements and tell her what kind of thinker she is) then screen her.

Two of the dudes were just starring at us, they didn’t AMOG or anything but I found it funny. I vibed a little bit more then isolated her. (I told her we should grab a booth so she could sit down, she agreed but the friend that cockblocked last time over heard and told me she should have sat on my lap instead – I had disarmed her) Once we sat down I ran the cube on her, she thought it was cool and interesting but not the usual epiphany experience most girls react like.

We vibe a little bit more then I start the “you’ve hijacked my brain” thread to try stop LMR. “Now don’t get a big head or anything, but I normally don’t like girls this much, I would never meet leave my friends to go see a girl and this is only the second time we’ve hung out. What the hell did you do to me, did you hijack my brain??

Her friends want to bounce to Spill. She tells me I don’t have to go if I don’t want to, but I tell her I can and that my buds are just playing pool and I can catch up with them in a bit. As we’re waiting at the doorway for her HB7 friend we start kissing. On the way to spill her HB7 friend grabs me and tells me to promise her that I’ll take care of her tonight.

We get upstairs of Spill and I start vibing with all her friends. HB7 leaves to go to the bathroom. The HB5 says HB7 is sick and wants her to take her home. HB5 complains and says if shes sick then we gotta go. HB7 comes out and says she wants to leave, then HB5 asks what HB8 wants to do. I throw in, “well if you want, I drove here myself and can drop you back off later.”

They go huddle for a little bit, lol and then HB5 asks me if I know where 20th and Pearl is. I say yeah, its easy to go to. (Now that is the most blatant lie I’ve ever told in a while, I have no clue where 20th and pearl is) We all say bye and me and HB8 grab a seat upstairs. We start kissing. After that we talk a little then I run the question game routine. We start with

HB8: So do you like cats or dogs?
Me: Dogs all the way, I’m getting a German Shepherd once I graduate and its gonna kick your cat’s ass
HB8: Tells me some story about how her dad is getting a bitch dog.
Me: So when was your first kiss?
HB8: When I was 14.
HB8: Have you ever been in love?
Me: Nope, just big crushes.
Me: How many boyfriends have you had?
HB8: Thinks for a little bit…. 3 serious ones, gives me the backdrop but says her last one was for two years and that ended half a year ago.
HB8: How many girls have you slept with?
Me: Sweetie, I’m a virgin. The only girl I’ve kissed is you.
HB8: Stop lying to me! Hits me.
Me: Haha, I was lying about the second part but I really am a virgin.
HB8: Yeah right, how many girls have you really slept with?
Me: No seriously, I am.
HB8: Really?
Me: Yeah… then I give her the backdrop on how I was silly and always thought how I should wait until the perfect person and how I was pretty religious growing up.
Me: So describe your ideal man, what do you look for in a guy?
HB8: She goes on telling me its hard to find but this is her checklist:
-no kids

She goes on saying how hard it is to find a guy like that. We then start making out. After that I ask her if she wants to go downstairs and grab a drink. She goes to the bathroom real fast and I give my buddies a call that I’m good to go and for them not to worry about me. She comes back out but the bar is real busy so she suggest we go to Mynt b/c I told her my buddy Zach is working there.

We get to Mynt and I shoot the shit with Zach and he gives me some good social proof. We do a few shots and then just vibe for ten minutes. She then suggest we go to Lodos to meet my friends. We start heading there and I somehow brought up she should be my sugar mama. She laughs and said she used to have a sugar daddy in Vegas, but makes sure to know that she never slept with him.

She then says that shes going to Vegas this Thursday with just her, her roommate, and roommates boyfriend. She begs me to come along. I tell her I cant because of final exams and she tells me to take em early, etc and to come with her. I run some future projection stuff and I then tell her if we’re still real good friends by then she should come back with me to DC for New Years and I start telling her how beautiful the Washington monument is then and how is all lighted up with fireworks going off.

She tells me she wants to go and she has a free plane ticket anywhere in the US b/c of lost luggage. I tell her she should def come. We get to Lodos and my buds have already taken off. She goes to the bathroom and comes back…I run some more of Mystery’s preemptive LMR you’ve hijacked my brain thread, “Now I dont want you to get a big head or anything but when you left there was like a void and emptiness next to me, and when you came back I got a big smile on my face. What are you doing to me, I dont even know you... did you drip something in my drink or what?”

She smiles and we make out for a few min. She starts asking me about the Air Force then where I’m going after this. I tell her Colorado is possibility, but prolly Hawaii or Italy. She gets all excited, I then tell her if we’re still really good friends she should come visit me and party there. The bar is closing now and we head out. As we’re leaving I start talking about her cats. She tells me more, how much she loves them, how she got them. I mention that I’d really like to meet them…. Giving her a pretext to invite me home.

She then says that I definitely will have to. We get to my car and she gives me shit about it asking if my daddy bought it. I give her shit back and tell her the true story about the Air Force loan and how I did in the stock market. We get inside and she asks me whatd I’m doing after this. I tell her my buds already left so prolly heading back down. She then tells me to come home with her.

HB8: Come home with me. We don’t have to do anything, I just want to sleep next to you.
Me: I don’t know, I have kickboxing practice early tomorrow morning.
HB8: when?
Me: at 12.
HB8: You have plenty of time, I just want to sleep next to you.
Me: Alright, but no funny business.
HB8: Its ok, you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with (talk about reversing roles!!)
Me: If I let you take me home, do you promise to feed me?
HB8: are you hungry?
Me: yeah I’m pretty hungry, what do you have to eat in your fridge?
HB8: she starts listing off stuff, lol

We start driving back and she lives 20 minutes away so I’m worried about keeping the energy high but it turns out not be a problem because shes kissing on my neck and holding other hand. I’m kinoing her leg and inner thigh. On the way there she keeps telling me how beautiful I am. How she thinks asian guys are cute but I’m really hot. How I can do anything with my life and how exciting I am………(if I ever wanted a fucking ego boost I should have recorded this)

We get back to her place (its really nice inside) and we go upstairs. We make out for a while. Then she stops and she goes to the bathroom. She comes back and turns the tv on and we lay in bed together. We then start really kissing and she climbs on top of me.

Me: We should stop
HB8: We really should, shouldn’t we?
We keep kissing.

She then unbuttons my shirt and kisses my neck and my chest. I undo her bra and she rubbing up against me.

Me: We should slow down
HB8: Don’t worry I don’t need to slow down.

- Yes! No more LMR. I learned from my mistakes last weekend

We undress each other and keep up the foreplay then we fuck."

-Ace (Denver)

Signed, Asian Playboy

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