Captain Jack PUA and Asian Playboy

"What's the single most important question you have about being more successful with women?"

-Captain Jack
I hope you guys had a good holiday. A brand new spanking year is just around the corner and I've got something to help out on your lifelong rockstar journey.

A good bro, Captain Jack, is doing a special, free teleseminar and we need YOUR help. Essentially, it's a free teleseminar where any of you can ask any question to be addressed by yours truly (and other PUAs you might have in mind).

It's free ASK A PUA TELESEMINAR and YOU decide what and whom to ask!

I've had TONS of guys e-mail questions with regards to their unique circumstances, but I can only get around to a few. But this is YOUR chance to have ME and others address your specific concerns AND listen in as it happens in real life!

So put in your questions that you want my insight on and let's make this happen! The top questions and top PUAs you select will tackle it head on for your entertainment and education.

The deadline is early January so get in on this opportunity ASAP! You can fill out the Ask a PUA form.

Here's further detailed information from CJ himself:


In case you've never heard of me I'm Captain Jack, an Approach Coach for Mystery Method. I'm going to create an audio interview series with some world-class and rising star PUAs via Teleseminar. I'll kickoff with a special, FREE event where YOU can listen in on the top guys answering the toughest questions.

But, I only have time to interview a few so I wanna know WHO you'd be interested in listening to... Now, I'm already trying to get Mystery, Style and TylerDurden so please let me know BESIDES those three who you'd like to hear from.

The way I'm thinking of making this work is to get the PUA to commit to answering YOUR most asked questions. I'll create a simple website where you can go and submit questions. I'll ask the PUA via Teleseminar the 7-10 most commonly asked questions.

My question to you is WHO should I be asking?

Who would you like to put a few of your toughest questions to?

For example: "What's the single most important question you have about being more successful with women?"

I'm providing a special link which allows YOU, whether you're a newbie to an advanced Don Juan, to enter your question(s) into a special database. This database will then help me sort the questions to find the most asked questions.

I'll take the top 7 or 10 most asked questions and we'll use that as subject matter for the Teleseminar. So ANY question, ANY at all, you want addressed should be submitted. You HAVE to ask because how else are you going to get the SECRETS of picking up beautiful women from the top guys if you don't ask?

This methodology is important because, instead of GUESSING what YOU wanna hear, we ASK you and therefore we KNOW what we are doing is meaningful and desirable to you as an IMPORTANT subject matter.

You'll be able to log in to this exciting and informative Teleseminar for FREE that will address the issues you want by your preferred PUA.

And it's FREE.

I'll pay for the technology and teleseminar and transcription services (hardcopies do require a nominal fee to offset costs of production). You just can't beat that so consider it our Christmas gift to YOU!

If you're interested, nominate your favorite PUA (ie Asian Playboy) and ask away!. It's real easy and will only take a second. Just go to:

You can enter as many PUA names as you like.

~ Captain Jack ~
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