Florida Asian Tiger's Field Report and Testimonial

"It was a great experience, and I definitely recommend it! If you're reading this, then it's because you also didn't have buddies to point out what you can do better. Trust me, Asian Playboy will be your bro and guide you along the right path."

-Florida Asian Tiger
I just finished another bootcamp here in Dallas with a bro from Spain, this week, I fly to Philadelphia to continue my Kung Fu journey in helping out my fellow Asian brothers.

I'm also proud to annouce yet another testimonial. This one is from Florida Asian Tiger, he was the student that also took the Vegas bootcamp with LVONIS, who- if you remember- had a One Night Stand on his first night of bootcamp.

The highlights of this bootcamp were:

My bootcamp with the Asian PlayBoy was successful - go for it if you're thinking about it!

Quick introduction: My social life before the bootcamp consisted of going out with my guy friends, looking and wondering how to approach girls .. from ugly to hot.

Yeah, I've done the "Hi, my name is .. " or "How's it going..". Those approaches work, and I've done well by them.

But I wanted to step it up a notch .. Why? Well if you go out enough, you'll see players out there that will approach all kinds of girls, get them to laugh, have fun, and if not they move on to another set.

"What did he say .. what's his technique .. is it just a numbers game?". All these questions went back and forth in my mind which were occasionaly pointed out by buddies "hey, check out that guy, he just went up to that chick and now he's in!"

So that's what I wanted .. learn the game, and the approaches, and get over some fears. I wasn't lucky enough to have friends that were naturally good at this, so my buddies were just as blind as I was. Asian PlayBoy was my bro in the game. He pointed out what I needed to improve on that none of my own buddies could. He pushed me, and I wanted to be pushed.

I learned the basics to certain intracacies of the game. We even worked on what my game plan would be when we went out into the field. It was fun, hard, a little painful, but exactly what I wanted.

I went into this bootcamp knowing that to make the most out of it, I had to do things that I just wasn't plain comfortable with. But dammit, that's exactly why I was doing this. You go in with an open mind, try things out in the field, and you get to take home only the techniques you want.

It was a great experience, and I definitely recommend it! If you're reading this, then it's because you also didn't have buddies to point out what you can do better. Trust me, Asian Playboy will be your bro and guide you along the right path.

Quick bootcamp field report .. Like I said, I wanted to concentrate on my approaches. Well, the first night I pretty much failed that mission - only because the first girl I approached liked my opening and conversations (ie Asian Playboy's game plan) .. and I just had fun for the rest of the night. APB did point out ideas like social-proof and upgrading, especially since this chick already had a boyfriend. It was still a fun night of grinding and touching on the dance floor - but in my mind, I knew I failed what I came to the bootcamp for.

The next night, my mission was to .. accomplish the mission from the first night! :) - to do approaches! A little preface here .. prior to the bootcamp, I'd only approach single girls... girls alone that are looking for attention. Well this night, I learned to approach girls in sets of 2's.. guy/girl sets.. 2 girls one guy etc. Yes, I had anxiety highs, and sometimes it was painful! But man did I have fun. Put it this way, BEFORE, it was cool when I approached ONE girl, and got a smile and conversation out of it. Well this night, I talked to at least 9 different girls, none of them were as mean as I thought they would be, and I got MORE than just a smile and conversation from 2 chicks.

Yeah, it was a successful bootcamp because of two things: FIRST and foremost because *I* worked at it, and TWO because APB was kick-ass, knew his stuff, and pushed where I wanted to be pushed. When you do your bootcamp, you know that you're gonna have a good teacher, but that's only have the mission. The rest is what *you* make out of it.

Fast forward to this weekend: the first night with my AFC buddy and I realize that my mind had already changed. Before I'd wait to get reciprocated eye-contact, or look for girls alone waiting anxiously. Now I'm looking for the HotBabe 9's and 10's to open.. 1 hot girl, no problem.. 2-3 hot girls in a set, no problem. My buddy was eyeing these 2 hot girls (who ended up being lesbians but anyway!) and said "hey, check those TWO out at the table over there" .. by the time he said it, they were right next to him.. "you mean the girls right next to you. Say something, say anything.".. he stalled stalled stalled .. I got tired after 5 seconds of waiting and just went in with a canned opener, and intro'd my buddy. Everyone in the bar were all looking at me and my cold approach but after I had the girls laughing and kinoing me, it was all good.

My point, get ready for a change.

Go out there, have fun, and ask me questions. I'll vouch for APB anytime - he was my bro and watched my back during bootcamp! Thanks man.

Florida Asian Tiger

Signed, Asian Playboy

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