Jason‘s (aka Danger) Ultimate AMOG Annihilation Drink Tactic

UPDATE: This is more useful as a silly BT Gambit to lock the girl in place and make her laugh like crazy while she's stuck there and you do a false takeaway. It also puts them in a very compliant frame of mind (she's basically stuck there doing your bidding). I haven't used this to AMOG a guy in years and wouldn't recommend it. Use it on girls instead.

This shit is MONEY.

Granted, this is also a hardcore, albeit hilarious, tactic that will both tool the guy as well as potential rile him up to kick your ass.

Jason had demonstrated this before, but this was the first time I actually did it. I was out with AJ and THE VIGO (Dimitry, but to likes of YOU and ME, it's THE VIGO. Period. You and I simply aren't worthy enough to refer to him by his first name.).

AJ was in with a 2 set that he had previously Gamed, #-closed, and got a HJ-close. I'm throwing THE VIGO into set when this guy walks into AJ's set. Now, AJ knows him from somewhere, but he needs someone to occupy this tool, so I walk up and AJ introduces me.

I'm very high energy, enthusiastically shake the guy's hand, and then ask, "Hey, I want to find out how YOU view life."

AMOG: "What do you mean?"

ME: "Here, sit down!"

I motion to the nearest seat and grab his drink from his hand.

He sits.

ME: "Now, put one thumb down on the table on the edge."

He does so, placing one thumb on the edge of table. I place the drink on his thumb while still holding the drink so it doesn't spill.

ME: "Now, this is how YOU view life.... Can you see your thumb?"

AMOG: "Er... yeah, sure I can!"

ME: "AWESOME! Now..."

I remove the drink.

ME: "Put your OTHER thumb next to your first thumb."

He does so.

I place the drink so it BALANCES upon both thumbs and I let go.

ME: "Now... Can you STILL see your thumb?"

AMOG: "Yeah! Sure I can!"


Walk away.

And the AMOG is left with the drink on his two thumbs so he can't remove it unless he bends down, grabs it by his teeth, and moves it away. Of course, it makes him look TOOLED.

5 minutes later, after he figured it out, he comes up to me and challenges me to a drinking shot game, to which I agree, but he walks off, never to be found again.


Again, not for the faint of heart. This isn't like Mystery's Coin Trick. This can SERIOUSLY get a guy pissed off. But if done correctly, it's FUCKING HILARIOUS!

Not only is he TOOLED but he's PHYSICALLY UNABLE to re-engage until he's removed the drink.

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