[4 Babes, Too Many Options] Choose Your Own Adventure

As a kid (ah, to be that naive, innocent, and nerdy again) I used to LOVE reading those "Choose Your Own Adventure" paperbacks. You know the ones, where you had the choice of:
  1. Poke the lion with a spear like an idiot, turn to page 87.
  2. Run away like a little bitch, turn to page 2.
Adored them and ate them up like a fat kid starving in a twinkie store.

Well anyways, I'm calling for some audience participation here. Here are the scenarios:
  1. Set up another meet Wednesday night (at motel, never bring crazy strippers to your place as my buddy learned to his detriment after getting his shit stolen and car keyed).
  2. Set up meet tomorrow night (Thursday). Possibly expensive. Last time in a similar situation when I had to fly out the next day, she absconded with the entire mini-bar. Still, great in bed despite her klepto tendencies.
  3. Do nothing.
  1. Go for the Thursday lay. Possible drama due to boyfriend. Possible rebound sex, no strings. Good sex though. Text message convo says she's trying "to be good" but willing to be "bad and naughty" with me. Risk being tired for San Fran bootcamp.
  2. Go for tonight (Wednesday) lay because I'm flying out to San Fran on Friday. Turn around Monday/Tuesday and fly to Vegas to give a Lair presentation. Risk losing the meet if she's committed to a meet with her (ex)boyfriend.
  3. Call her out on her Game playing. Don't see any positive outcome from that, but would be a typical AFC response.
  4. Do nothing.
  1. Try to set something up. Flighty as hell though. Probability moderate hangout, makeout potential good, hookup potential low (lots of friends, lives with mom, tons of guys around).
  2. Meet up with her in LA as she's got some sort of modeling gig there next month (late March, early April). Probability low as she's going to be at a hotel with a gay friend. If isolated away from friend, probability of full closing moderate to high. However, good chance I'll forever be excluded from her hot social circle as she's kind of the epicenter of her network of ADD hotties.
  3. Do nothing. Continue fucking my way through her social circle when possible, though random due to their flighty nature.
  1. Text her in Spainish to meet me somewhere and "hang out." Proability? No idea. Language barrier makes it difficult.
  2. Do nothing.
  1. Go out solo and pull for a SNL/ONS.
  2. Go home to Miss Rose Mary Palm.
  1. I have only tonight, tomorrow, and next Monday night.
  2. Doing San Fran from Fri - Sun.
  3. Monday I'm coming back during the afternoon.
  4. Monday night I'm free.
  5. Promptly going back to Vegas sometime Tuesday afternoon.
  6. From Tuesday - Thursday working with Toy Machine to hammer out last minute Vegas details.
  7. Meeting with Vegas lair moderator for dinner in appreciation of his assistance.
  8. Maybe doing another radio podcast in between.
  9. Two hour presentation at the Vegas Lair on Wednesday.
  10. From Fri-Sun is the Spring Break March Madness bootcamp.
  11. On Monday then back to Dallas in the afternoon.
  12. From Tues - Thurs I'm free.
  13. Fri - Sun I have a local Dallas bootcamp with a bro from good ol' Alabama here.
  14. Possible to get one of them out with us, but more likely would interefere with the bootcamp. Get laid or try and hold a quality bootcamp?
Thus is the life of an active Asian Pick Up Artist and Dating Coach & Pick Up Instructor.

What say you all?

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