[VIDEO/PICS] Getting the Phone Number of an AVN 2007 Stripper

Alas this is simply a woulda, coulda, shoulda, but couldna. Disappointing though the highlight was Buckethead hooking up with an Asian girl for a car handjob that same night.

Anyways, I got the phone number of this Stripper who was part of the opening act for the AVN 2007 Awards down in the January Vegas bootcamp. Porn stars, strippers, and dancers galore, oh my! More than any one PUA could handle, that's for sure.

Well, the Stripper actually approached me but all I ended up getting was her number in isolation. Just couldn't convince her to ditch her, in her blunt words, "fuck buddy" shown in one of the pictures (don't remember which one).

I don't normally put up pictures of girls of any type of close (primarily for litigation reasons), but these were in the public domain (not to mention Vegas, baby!) so enjoy!

Stripper at the AVN 2007 Awards Stripper at the AVN 2007 Awards Stripper at the AVN 2007 Awards

Small world because I also ran into a former LA student, a Dallas acquaintance and even Dave Navarro.

Oh, and check it, some YouTube clips of her opening act for the AVN 2007 Award Show.

Still think you can afford to miss out on the Vegas March Spring Break Madness Bootcamp?

Signed, Asian Playboy


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