Two Asian Brothers Sleep with Two Brunette Sisters (or Yellow Cab's Bootcamp Lay Report in Los Angeles)

"APB yells across the table “This guy takes care of elderly adults. Tell them about Louis” (It was APB’s way of pitching me a slow ball for me to hit out of the park) I push back and said “Oh, it’s too much of a tear jerker.” “Yes, we want to hear the story. Is it a sad story?” they begged. “No, don’t worry, there’s a happy ending.” Saving a guy’s life raised more kino then I ever believed possible."
-Yellow Cab (Los Angeles)
Here you go, my fellow Asian (and not so Asian) comrades in arms! This last weekend's lay report of TWO sisters by two of your fellow minority brothers... myself and Yellow Cab while I was instructing in Los Angeles.

A little background, YC is one of the older (not the oldest, however) Asian students that I've taught. I'm going to be brutally honest here, YC is in his high 30s/low 40s, could stand to lose more than just a few pounds, and not the most handsomest of fellows. BUT, he still landed the HOTTER sister. He had GREAT fashion sense and the willingness to push outside his comfort zone. Almost no approach anxiety at all.

Seriously, if Yellow Cab- an older Asian brother- can do this... Toy Machine- a short Asian brother- can do this... Ace- a college aged Asian virgin- can do this... SO CAN YOU! Or I'll beat it into you.

My comments are included in brackets and italics. Also as an exclusive for all active Alumni members, I will be posting an exclusive females' point of view in the Playboy Club. I was able to get some debrief information from both girls as to what was successful (from us), miserably stupid from the other chumps, and unique insights into the female psyche on the SPECIFIC Attraction Switches and DHVs that Yellow Cab and myself were able to hit and make them want Asian cock (my girl had never been with an Asian man before me) for the first time of their lives.

From the student's mouth himself, here is Yellow Cab's bootcamp lay report...
Saturday night, day 2 of boot camp – Shit! Rejected again. This is too much. I had more than enough and excused myself for a short break at the sunset nightclub. I told myself it wasn’t that bad if they turned away. At least I wasn’t rejected like my fellow student who approached a super model. Before he could get two words out of his mouth, she yelled “Wait, did you just lose a bet or did someone dare you to talk to me.” I smiled and headed outside.

On my way out, a raven haired girl said “I like your smile. Not many people smile in LA.”

[APB: I'm glad you remembered to emote and actively fight AGAINST the infamous Asian poker face.]

“Thanks. I take it you’re not from here. So welcome to LA” I replied back, suddenly perking up.

[APB: Awesome fucking Cold Read and it was off the cuff. Good call and good use of it as an impromptu Connection Tactic.]

Her sister, a hazel eyed rocker girl, adored my dragon jacket.

[APB: Being fashionably edgey (one to two steps above all the other chumps) is an Attraction Switch that falls under the Passive Value category and Replication Value.]

It turned out that they were into signs and animals. (But ain’t that all chicks?) When they mentioned that there were rats at their place I said my Chinese sign is a rat and it’s a sign for my arrival in their life. I thought so she said. (I have no idea what she meant. And I’m Filipino, not Chinese)

[APB: Again, great way to play up the Destiny/Fate Connection Tactic. Also great way to pull her into YOUR cultural paradigm (ie Asian versus European zodiac). Women have malleable frames in the face of a dominant, confident male no matter the culture or race.]

“You’re good at reading people. I bet you can read me really well.”
I held her hand tight, leaned in close and did the routine “which lie did I tell?” BINGO! We were hip hugging and she kisses my cheek...

[APB: Awesome Kino Escalation as well as good use of BLP (Body Language Positioning) to set yourself up in an dominant position and frame. By gaming the first sister, you attracted the second. Social Proof With Women is a very powerful Passive Value attraction switch.]

Her sister joined in too and we were all holding hands. Soon, I was arm in arm with both sisters (was this really happening? Somebody take a goddamn picture this is too good to be true. Note to self: Buy a camera phone)

I out gamed an AMOG, befriended her rocker sister and hard number closed on the raven haired girl.

[APB: Awesome dominance. I love it! But...]

I was money. While I busy gloating with the other student, and I walked away believing I was done for the evening. She started making out with APB. Guess it wasn’t my set to begin with. :-)

[APB: Actually some points I want to make. I was actually Gaming the older, more attractive sister so you could pull out the younger one. At some point, however, they girl coded each other and BLPed me into the corner with the younger one.

Note, however, by us befriending each different sister, it would pay dividends in the future for you by showing acceptance of each other's peer circle. In actuality, I think you might have read the situation wrong and assumed the younger sister was into you when the older one actually was.

Finally, it also goes to show that you shouldn't automatically eject. You had outlasted the AMOG, befriended both sisters... so why eject with just a number?]

Next day, APB helped us develop our heart warming stories, lay logistics and LMR. I’m thinking “What a fucking waste of time because my approach is so weak!”

[APB: As I always say, you PLAN for success so you EXPECT success and EXECUTE for success. Going for first down is nice, but the End Zone for the Touch Down is what you're after. That's what counts. Just like in the Superbowl, in Pick Up there is no second place, just laid and not laid.]

Sunday night, last night of boot camp – APB invited Raven Hair and Rocker Girl to hang out with us.

[APB: After making out with HBRaven, we bounced to an afterhours venue and I pulled her back to her place for a night, morning, and afternoon romp session.

Anyways, the only hot spot I know of in Los Angeles on a Sunday is Dragon Fly. Last time around, me and another student were able to venue change two girls to Dragon Fly and get in... But with four dudes and the velvet rope snob action at Dragon Fly, only a 1:1 girl to guy ratio would have worked.

I was hoping to go to our first venue and get two more girls to come with us, but alas, that didn't work out as the place was bereft of any talent whatsoever...]

What do I say to a failed set the next day? I had to play it like it was no big deal and sarge other girls.

At the BB King, there were no other sets. So I’m forced to talk them. Rocker girl asks for my business card. “You have to earn it.” I said.

“Make me laugh.”
“Pleeeeeasse” she begged and gave me doggy bowl eyes. “You gave my sister your card last night.”
I laughed and she snatched my wallet.

[APB: Good Compliance Testing with Cocky & Funny.]

I used my heart warming story about recycling aluminum cans to buy my first drumset as a kid. She touches my hand. I said, “I’m going to have to charge you if you keep touching me.” She fully grabs my arm. “Are you running on a tab or something?”

She busts up laughing. SCHWING! BT Spike!

[APB: Great start to Fractionating... hit her with something deep to go down into comfort and spike it back up so you can go even deeper later.]

She opens up and says she’s a very sexual person and doesn’t usually get physical with people right away. How do I respond to that?! (Wait this was in my afternoon lecture and I forgot how to respond) I went cold and dropped my hands and ordered myself another drink.

A short while later, I hold her hand and tell her about how we choose to be happy in life. When I used to volunteer at a teenage runaway center, I met a brother and sister who had nothing and were always happy. She gave me doggy bowl eyes. I went in for a lip to lip kiss. She turned. Damn! But I didn’t stop there. I kissed her cheek, brushed her hair lightly behind her ear and told her she had cute ears and kissed them. (Thanks APB for the 3 point kiss close – But forgot the 3rd point)

[APB: BAM! Protector of Loved Ones and other Attraction Switches! And great way to follow up by Kino Escalating and hitting her Sexual Arousal Triggers.]

APB yells across the table “This guy takes care of elderly adults. Tell them about Louis” (It was APB’s way of pitching me a slow ball for me to hit out of the park)

I push back and said “Oh, it’s too much of a tear jerker.”

“Yes, we want to hear the story. Is it a sad story?” they begged.

[APB: Money making Heart Melter, bro! Absolutely money in both our practice sessions and in real life!]

“No, don’t worry, there’s a happy ending.” Saving a guy’s life raised more kino then I ever believed possible. (I treated Louis to lunch today)

Later, I told APB and his girl out that we’ll catch up in a few minutes. Finally we were alone. “Ok, you can kiss me now.” Softly and slowly our lips met. Nice! She wasn’t quite the horn dog like her sister who was stroking APB in the YELLOW CAB.

[APB: LOL, HBRaven was giving me a handjob EVERYWHERE. In the bar, in the cabs, in the restaurant, man, I was getting her and keeping her mad horny for the Asian cock.]

We ate at the Rainbow Bar and Grill. We talked about friends, music and life. This is where having a life and having passions really helps in conversations. We got stares because we were two AZN boys w/ two white girls.

[APB: Hey, learn to live with it especially when you go out with beautiful women. You'll get stared at, especially as fashionably edgey that you and I dressed, and you'll find that you'll be AMOGed physically and verbally. Comes with the territory and with success.]

My attention span was dropping so I had to remember to interject with “Oh really? Is that right? That guy’s crazy!” to show I was still alive and not zoned out. We took a YELLOW CAB back to the hotel.

We met up with my fellow classmates at the hotel.

[APB: That's one thing I regret. As just one instructor, it can be hard to equally distribute attention, especially when we're all pulling and I'm making sure to Social Proof, maintain Buying Temperature, and work out the logistics. I may be APB, but I'm still only one man. This is something I hope to rectify soon, but I hope to make it up to the other students, free of charge.]

LA was dead because everyone was partied out from Superbowl. We said our goodbyes and they wished me luck. I know they will do well because they’re really cool guys who have a lot of potential.

APB and I went over our checklist and game plan: Make sure she feels very safe, has choice to exit and acknowledge what she said earlier. If it doesn’t happen tonight, it will happen later on.

My fucking nose started bleeding. “Is the pressure getting to you?!” joked APB.

I blamed it on the sudden change in weather - but it was probably the pressure. Man! I had my own personal LMR because my brain was giving me every excuse to call it quits: nose bleed, cough, exhaustion. I REALLY didn’t want to disappoint my instructor, my fellow students and my brother who had worked triple shifts to help me so I could attend this boot camp.

I left APB with Raven. Our hotel was minutes away from her place which makes for a nice romantic walk up Highland. We held hands as and I walked Rocker Girl home. I said, “What you told me earlier, I can respect that. You should take time to know me.” “Huh?” “About you being a very physical and friendly person.” She didn’t say anything. Hmm …

I asked for some water, and then I’ll be on my way. She made tea for the two of us. Then, we made out. She wouldn’t open kiss me so I paused. I went C&F and said “Are you still going to respect me in the morning.” (NOT GOOD! she didn’t think it was funny.)

[APB: Pressure occurs when you don't know what you're doing. As this was your first cold approach to lay, you need to really push yourself NOT to fold under the pressure and limiting beliefs. Glad I could be there for ya, bro!]

So I future projected and told her how I wanted to take her to Griffith park observatory and used APB’s line about astronomy vs. astrology. She melted and invited me to get more comfortable on her bed.

I graduated magna CUM laude. Kudos to APB! You are the man!


It turns out that APB tried to game Rocker girl the previous night by her Raven responded. Rocker girl is more my type anyways. I think the chicks already knew that. In fact, cum to think of it, they probably had a talk earlier and chose us. Chicks always choose just like guys.

[APB: Like I said above, I'm certain they girl coded each other and intentionally BLPed me into isolation while I was taking HBRocker off your hands. In retrospect, you probably could have switched sisters and succesfully gamed HBRocker instead of spending time with HBRaven. But hey, you still scored AND you got the hotter sister so congrats either way!]

I also found out that APB and Raven put in a good word for me to Rocker Girl.

Salamat Po (THANK YOU!) to APB for the terrific bootcamp and getting me laid, to OC Waterboy for coming out and helping us, and my fellow students who were very supportive and encouraging.


PS: Turning a negative into a positive: Just to add to my sarging adventures at boot camp, I stayed out until 3:30 am, driving my fellow students across town picking up his car that was towed. He said, “Thanks God it can’t get any worse.” Turns out he had left his credit card and ID at the club and needed it to pick up his car. He was so lucky his friend paid for it and they released the car. So we went back to the club which was closed. I was pissed off! I laugh about it now, but we all became friends in the end. I used this story later on Rocker Girl. She loved it.

[APB: Always store up good stories for later use. This is a great example of a Sense of Humor story so good way to think fast on your feet using GENUINE spontaneous, natural behavior.]

So it helped me to get laid anways. I have a new name for one of my students, “Tow Truck”!

- Yellow Cab (Los Angeles)

P.S. Props to Captain Jack for clueing me in on Heart Melters. I had developed several Connection Tactics to teach my students and using CJ's structure, able to finetune one of them into something signficantly more powerful.

Signed, Asian Playboy


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