Another APB Bootcamp Lay: Anti-LMR and Seduction Tactics at the Hotel

I also get the fastest Cold Approach to Blowjob I've ever gotten (in about 15 minutes), but that's fodder for my next blog post.
[UPDATE 2010: Here's the most advanced play-by-play Anti-Last Minute Resistance (LMR) Tactics you will ever need. Literally, this new article is THE Rosetta Stone for all things ASD and LMR related. Check it out, "Advanced Anti-Last Minute Resistance (LMR) Tactics: BY THE BOOK!"]

After a while, there isn't much for me to write on the topic of pick up, dating, and getting laid. Seriously, my blog has over 300+ posts, what more can be said? Dead horse, anyone?

Well, one thing I realized that I hadn't sufficiently covered was dealing with LMR (Last Minute Resistance/Reservations) to the act of sex by the woman.

So, to make a long story short (personal details for restricted eyes only), on the second night of bootcamp I ended up pulling a warm approach blonde cutie for a full close. On the third night of StepChild's (from Boston) 1on1 bootcamp, I also get the fastest Cold Approach to Blowjob I've ever gotten (in about 15 minutes), but that's fodder for my next blog post.

As always, I made sure to ask the student for permission and that he could get home safely. Thankfully and luckily, at least for me if not for him, his voice had become pretty hoarse due to his inexperience at voice projection so by the time I extracted, he had run all the sets that he could have humanly done. He's tapped out for the night and he knows how to get home so I extract and do my own thang.

Anyways, I end up pulling to a Hotel out in BBFE (Beyond Butt-Fuck Egypt, for reasons better left unsaid elsewhere), I encountered some moderate LMR. Nothing too major but more than just token resistance.

I've categorized three major forms of Anti-LMR Tactics (though I'm sure there are many more) WITH specific examples I used on her that very night:

  1. Pre-emptive/Verbal - This is letting her know that you'll still be around whether you have sex or not. You're a sexual being, but not a needy horndog who also goes around passing judgement. A lot of girls use pre-emptive LMR against guys by taking sex off the table early on (ie "We'll make out, but we're DEFINITELY not having sex"). Do unto them before they do unto you.
  2. Hot (Foreplay) - Pretty self-obvious though I've got a few naughty tricks up my sleeve. Get her so hot and riled that she's begging for your man love.
  3. Cold (Takeaway) - This is your classic takeaway. The key attitude is to be COOL and CALM and NOT UPSET and NOT BITTER. Just tell her you respect her decision and read a book. Withdraw the heat, the passion, and the fire. She'll be left wet, cold, and wanting more.
Here are some specific examples I actually used for this lay:

Signed, Asian Playboy

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