Sticking Points of Asian Men When It Comes to Dating, Part 5

I'm now back in Dallas and in my Decompression phase just vegetating for another round of back to back bootcamps. My next bootcamp, thankfully, will be in Dallas with an Asian bro flying in from Spain.

Anyways, all good things must come to an end and so we have the last post on the Common Stickings Points for Asian Men in Dating series. My next round of posts will be on making a High Impact Approach. Do YOU have what it takes to make a powerful, positive and sexual first impression on a woman within 30 seconds?

On to the games!

  1. We’re all sexual beings here: Hey, if you’re trying to get a woman in bed and then you express disgust that she’s a horny slut, well, that’s just straight up hypocritical not to mention weird male logic and thinking. She's a living, breathing, horny woman with her own desires, goals, and perverted thoughts. Just like you.
  2. Type of woman: And you also can’t assume that every woman wants to be a stay at home housewife or even career women. I’ve known both types. I say be like water and go with the flow. I’m not marrying either one of them so I don’t really care whether one wants to churn out babies or one wants to become the CEO of her company. I’m basically OK with both types of women.
  3. Parents: You also can’t assume the woman will kowtow to your parents. I bet you won’t like your own in-laws so don’t force her to like her’s. Whether you're after an all-American girl or an Asian FOB girl, everyone has different values on family.
  4. Prejudices: Finally, some women will just HAVE those prejudices. Not a lot, but a small percentage. The only way past that is to CONVEY A PERSONALITY THAT TRUMPS ANY PRECONCEPTIONS. Some people can be swayed by energy, your fun loving attitude, and your openness while others will remain close-minded. There's no use trying to save (or seduce) everyone, just work with what you have and what YOU want out of life. Let them wallow in their's.
  5. Stop Living At Home: It's OK in Asia like Japan, but it's not so big here in America. And don't treat your potential girlfriend or hookup buddy like a surrogate mother. She's not. Be independent and live life a little.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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