Freakonomics: The Cost of Interracial Dating as an Asian Man

So now we know much it costs on average (as a regular active dater) to date and land a woman in bed (approximately $500). But how much does interracial dating cost?

Apparently on 20/20, John Stossel did a special on this book entitled, "Freakonomics." Various cool tidbits of knowledge that you can chat over the watercooler type stuff.

The interesting part though, was when the author compared how white women stacked men from different races. Couple of caveats:
However, it does show some interesting trends. I hesitated to actually post this because I don't want the Asian bros who read this to use this as another limiting belief. Rather, I use this to motivate me to really go out there and push myself to succeed.

Here are the highlights:That's obvious and understandable. The majority of relationships and marriages are between those who have the most in common like socioeconomic background, religion, upbringing, race, etc. Nothing new there.
Hey, don't act suprised, that's nothing new. We're all base creatures acting on instinct and societal programming. Looks and Money are two of the most important attraction switches in a women, the third being Game (ie personality).

The quantifiable dollar value kind of raises an eyebrow, but like I stated previously, this probably wasn't that rigorous a study. It just points a trend that when a woman can't actually talk to a guy in real life (ie his Game), then she only has Looks and Money/Power to go on. And if he's unattractive, then all she has to judge is by Money/Power. Perfectly understandable.

But here's where we get to the JUICY bits. Accurate or not, here's the part that raises some hackles:
Heck, that's the cost of a BMW 645Ci convertible!

Wow, even the brothers get no love. And finally...

Like... Ouch!

Anyways, I didn't see the actual TV spot or read the book, but here's the post by a member of the Fighting 44s where details were discussed. My opinions are below the quote.

For those who don’t know, “Freakonomics" is the title of a book by a brilliant U. of Chicago economist, Steven D. Levitt, which analyzes a wide range of topics from an economist’s POV.

For instance, upon analyzing online dating statistics – Levitt discovered the quantifier which enabled unattractive men to compete with attractive men with regard to attracting the opposite sex. Basically, an unattractive male had to earn $150,000 more than an attractive male to be on an “even playing field.”

Levitt also analyzed the numbers with regard to race being a factor of desirability.

White women overwhelmingly preferred or sought out WMs while online dating (97% of the contacts made by WFs was to WMs).

Upon crunching the statistics – Levitt found that a Hispanic male had to make $77,000 more than a WM to be on an even playing field with regard to getting responses from WFs.

A BM had to make $154,000more than a WM and an AM had to make $247,000 more than a WM to be on an even playing field with regard to getting responses from WFs.

For black women – a HM had to make $184,000 more than a BM and a WM had to make more than $220,000 to be on an even playing field with regard to getting responses from BFs (no numbers given for AMs).

This seems to correlate with what most sociologists have been saying – that people of similar backgrounds, culture, values and experiences tend to seek each other out as romantic partners. (With regard to HMs – I reckon that they are more “desirable” than the other different male groups since HMs can be white, black or a mix - including native American).

I wonder what the figures would be with regard to Asian-American females? (My guess would be that WMs would not need any higher income to play on an even playing field with AAMs).
Like I said, I hesitated posting about this for obvious reasons since it's not exactly a positive spin on things.

On one hand, as a former engineer, I find statistics and numbers both fascinating and telling. I don't believe it to be 100% accurate, but it's certainly a trend that I myself encounter in real life in my years as an active Pick Up Artist. I've always had to Game better, harder, and faster than anyone else. Pick up, attraction, seduction, and dating isn't an easy pursuit and it's certainly not as a minority. Some people may argue that it's all in my mind and about frame control. To me that's a load of bull because frame control won't help me at a Klan rally.

On the other hand, while perhaps empirically true, things like this can really negative affect a person' confidence. Like I stated in my previous post about Inner Game Sticking Points of Asian Men, a guy can start feeling either that he doesn't "deserve" attractive (white) women or start really obsessing about the racial inequalities. It's there, and it will always be there, but don't build up mountain out of a molehill. It's a 5 pound weight, not a 50 pounder.

Rather, I take from this article a few key points:

Signed, Asian Playboy

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