If I Can Do It, YOU Can Do It Too

It's funny.

I've got a Chinese buddy that's almost a 6 foot tall dude that I knew from LA, but who works out here in the Big D every other week. We go out all the time and he's a pretty social guy as well.<

I was talking with him on the phone today. Calls me for advice and shit all the time and he was telling me how he looked up to me... And this is one of those decently tall Asian dudes that I have to crane my neck to look up at.

He was like, "Damn, if Asian Playboy can do it, so can I! I mean, he's got the same obstacles as I do! It's like, why am I letting these LIMITING BELIEFS hold me back?! If Asian Playboy can do it, damn it, SO CAN I!!!!"

Honestly, I've gotten quite a few e-mails from guys saying pretty much the same thing. Asian guys who were just stuck on the sidelines, hestitating because in their reality, the media and women are predisposed against them... so why even bother? Why put up with the heartache of automatic rejection?


And when I say programming, I mean both the ones that exist externally (factors like the media), but even MORE IMPORANTLY, the ones that exist IN YOUR MIND. If you let ANY negativity into your thinking, your Game and confidence will suffer.


That negativity is IN YOUR HEAD. Fight it! Never let small minded beliefs hold you down. Never let what other people do or think hold you back.

Sure you've got negative media images lambasting you as a sexual Asian man, sure you've got a huge disparity in the interracial dating scene, and I'm sure just about every Asian guy out there has been rejected by at least one Asian female who only worships the white cock, BUT NEVER, EVER, FUCKING EVER LET THAT AFFECT YOU.

That's FEAR and INSECURITY niggling away at your confidence. AND IT'S ALL IN YOUR FUCKING HEAD.

Repeat after me, THERE IS NO FUCKING SPOON!!!!!!

I'm a 5"6 Vietnamese dude that weights 140 pounds, who's cute, but not a male model. At first glance, you'd see me as a small, innocent, cute guy. What I REALLY am is a FUCKING SHEER FORCE OF PERSONALITY AND CHARISMA.

When my Game is ON, when my energy is at it's peak, I can count on just ONE hand how many other people I know who can LIGHT UP THE ROOM like I can.