Women Love Players (Except for the Ones that Don't)

"I think it’s only fair that the women be warned. Most probably haven’t read Strauss’s book, and don’t know what to look out for. I want to write an article about the top ten warning signs that a pick-up artist is in the midst. Recognizing these tricksters for what they are might help disarm them and save a woman from getting played."
-Dolly [Before]

What's that smell?

Is that the smell of immenient spring? of fresh, blooming flowers and honey bees? Or maybe it's the lull before the storm when napalm comes raining down on our slanty little player heads.

No, it's the smell of love, camraderie and respect. Say it with me.


(Find out what it means to me)

Quite frankly, if all this wasn't so amusing (and bloggable, seriously guys, how many times can I write about seducing and picking up women before I get sick of the sight of them? it's like being a gynecologist...) it would be quite nauseating.

If you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard by now the entire Village Voice scandal with Nick Sylvester which in the end turned out to be totally fabricated. What's interesting is the turn of events that led some ladies to our defense (Was that the girly scream of someone's dying manhood I just heard?).

Yes, as ironic as it is, we have some fellow women bloggers- turned female Pick Up Artists- in on the Game who don't necessarily think of us as ammoral, sleazy womanizers (I mean don't get me wrong, I am, but that's neither here nor there).

So, props to Dolly, Kristen, and Sarah for being foo- I mean, for believing in us.

Yeah. For reaaaalzzzz.

For your reading pleasure and those doubting Toms out there still skeptical of our intentions, I've collected a few notable quotes from their blogs about their real life encounters with our PUA comrades in New York.

From Dolly:

The thing is, I went on to blog about a lot of these techniques, anyway, like peacocking, but ended up realizing that most of these guys create positive and fun experiences for women. Very unlike the ultimately shady encounter I had with PUA Dave.

Her letter to the editor after reading about herself in Nick's story:

I have a problem with the way this article portrayed pick-up artists as conniving losers. I've seen these guys in action and, let me tell you, this stuff works--even on me, even after reading up on the various methods. The article made them out to be ill-mannered clods who are quick to insult a woman, which is also inaccurate. Negging is about creating a playful atmosphere, not about lowering a woman's self-esteem. It's the grown-up version of hair-pulling on the playground.

Ultimately, I think these men deserve more credit than they are getting. Having met and interacted with quite a few PUAs at this point, I can tell you that none have been disrespectful or unkind to me, in fact, quite the opposite. I have had many fun nights out with these men and made some new friends.

And from my own blog, she comments:

I love about PUAs is how skilled they are at flirting and their strong, charismatic presence. They find a way to be masculine and dominant without being chauvanistic. They're also a fucking blast to hang out with.

Now we come to Kristen and Sarah from Grow Some Testicles, who also encountered PUAs. She too had ill will towards PUAs until she actually started meeting them.

then it happened again. We ran into another PUA. This one set his sights on Sarah, and before you know it, they're making out (BTW, Sarah and the Manchild broke up--she hasn't posted in an age). Ummmmm, okay.

So it was clear to us, at this point, that even with our knowledge of what was going on, these PUAs were on to something.

What were they onto? The art of flirting, I like to say.

See, my mainstream friends, us PUAs, players and seducers are only HALF bad. And as a personal request, there's no need to lock up your teenage daughters when I'm in town.

Seriously. I'm as pure as the driven snow.

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