Being a Player Gets You An Icepick in The Neck

Seriously. It's tough being a Player / PUA. In between my late night debauching, waking up with a random girl at her house (which had no furniture by the way and she had to climb in through the window... come to think of it, this is the SECOND girl I've been with who had literally NO furniture) after her girlfriend ditched us, and then walking into a business meeting with only 3 hours sleep... with ALL that, NOW I gotta be worried about getting an icepick to the neck?

It's a good thing I live in the Big D instead of Miami, I'm more likely to get a redneck cowboy boot to the head rather than an icepick ala Basic Instincts. But hey, who am I to deny women the pleasure of the great sensation known as the Asian Invasion? At least I'll go out with a smile.

CSI Miami

Episode #84 or Season 4, Episode 12.

The Score: A man is brutally murdered while trying to learn how to pick up women at a hip Miami nightclub.

The CSIs investigate the brutal murder of a man who was learning how to pick up women at a hot nightclub. Meanwhile, Horatio tries to help out Marisol, Eric Delko's sister, who was arrested on drug charges.

And on a more serious note, anyboy want to give me suggestions on what I should do with blonde hair extensions and a pair of shoes that she left in my car? Maybe I should wrap them up and regift them, "Yeah sweetie, I just KNEW that you wanted fake hair extensions!"

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