How Much Do Toronto Women Cost?

Jake says it costs between $380-$400 to get a woman into bed...
Here's a light news piece from Toronto, ever wonder just how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? Three hundred and sixty licks to get to the center.

And how much money does it take to land a woman (in Toronto)? Even more licks.

One natural dater reveals all (even going so far as to keep receipts, kind of like how some Pick Up Artists maintain journals of every approach) and states:

Jake says it costs between $380-$400 to get a woman into bed, an amount he amends to $500 later when we discuss costs in detail.

Although it generally takes three to four dates before this happens, he states with conviction that "women decide over the first cup of coffee if they're going to go to bed with you -- or not."


Out "three or four times a week" in the evening due to his high profile job, he says he has no difficulty meeting women in Toronto to date.

He feels strongly that the choices men make when on a date, such as the quality of a restaurant, are a reflection of their personality, and women judge that.

I'm not hating on the guy, far from it, he seems to have the hallmarks of a traditional natural. But I'm glad I'm aggressive enough as a seducer of women that while, yes, I do pay for some things, I don't wait until the fourth or fifth date and paying ever red cent to get some nookie. By the Day 3 (or second date in mainstream parlance), if I haven't gotten some action, I cut the woman loose.

Why waste each other's time?

A lot of women, I'd go so far as to say the majority of women, still advocate that men should pay. To me, this is kind of an outmoded paradigm that harkens back to the ol' yesteryears when men and women slept in separate beds. The dating game and power dynamic has changed since the days of black and white television.

Women want equal rights, then they have equal responsibilities. I'm OK with that and women should be too.

I've also heard the argument that because women make something like $0.80 to the white man's $1.00 that men should still pay. Well, by that argument, as an Asian man we should still be going Dutch on dates because Asian American men also make 80 cents to white men's one dollar.

It's something you have to recognize and be flexible about as a Pick Up Artist and active dater. Some women are extreme hardcore about this rule while others are flexible. Just don't assume that you have to pull out your wallet every time you go on a date or Day 2.

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Signed, Asian Playboy

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