Sticking Points of Asian Men When it Comes to Dating, Part 2

I'm finally back from Los Angeles. Funny AMOG (Alpha Male Other Guy) story coming up, but I'm going to continue with Asian Men's sticking points.

Previously, I talked about internal limiting beliefs that hold some Asian men back. They may not apply to you in particular, but these are the points that I find pretty consistent with a good many of the Asian bros that I’ve taught, met and/or seen. I’ve actually had to break this into a three part series post since there are many pitfalls down the attraction and seduction pathway.

So let’s talk about Outer Game (things that are in your control about yourself on the outside and personality conveyance) and the actual methodology that a lot of Asians (both students and naturals) that I see have as sticking points. Note, a good majority of these sticking points are pretty universal to every group of guys who are just starting down the road of picking up women and/or mastering their dating lifestyle. Whether it’s due to our own upbringing, culture, media, or perceived stereotypes, howtever, they pop up quite a bit in us Asians.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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