David & Goliath vs PUA & the Natural

"And it happened as the Philistine arose and was drawing near David that David hastened and ran out from the lines toward the Philistine, and he reached his hand into the pouch and took from there a stone and slung it and struck the Philistine in his forehead."

That's the account of how David defeated Goliath, straight from the Bible. That's what David is famous for-- smacking Goliath right between the eyes and defeating the man who (on the surface) was thought to have out-matched him before the two had even engaged in combat.

But the part that fewer people remember is that David was initially going to suit up with chain mail, a brass helmet and a sword-- he was almost about to go head to head with Goliath in a conventional sword fight. He was almost going to do battle with Goliath on Goliath's terms, in a world where Goliath usually wins.

Learn what he did in order to get an unfair advantage over Goliath (and how you can too) after the jump...

He Re-Defined The Rules

He leveled the playing field. Rather than use a strategy that Goliath had used his whole life, he made forced Goliath to compete on his terms-- terms on which Goliath's lifetime of experience, technique, and dexterity, and swordsmanship became utterly useless.

We live in a world where "charisma-based pick up" is the socially accepted norm. You're either raised with some good male role models and learn "naturally" how to be good with women, or you remain stuck in loser-ville forever, and die a lonely old man.

We live in a world where you're either a tall, good-looking, white blond male who gets all the hot chicks, or you get stuck with the hood rats.

Or Do We?

David didn't play by Goliath's rules, and ABCs of Attraction students don't play by the tall, good-looking, blond, white man's rules.

David didn't follow the Philistines procedure of formally crossing of swords before battle-- he busted out a slingshot. ABCs of Attraction students don't rely on looks, excessive financial wealth, or daddy's yacht to impress girls-- we follow the ABCs of Attraction structure.

We won't play by their rules. We force the naturals out in the clubs to play by our rules-- the rules that we're familiar with-- the rules that allow us to consistently, time, and time again, romantically connect with women all over the world.

Or as Will from Sydney, Australia said, "The ABCs Boot Camp is the only thing the modern man can participate in so that he becomes a true man. It is here, where I believe, your weaknesses are overcome, your fear is annihilated and your belief in yourself, fuelled by immense determination, is completely reborn. What we all went through on the Boot Camp was hell on earth. For those of us who pushed ourselves, we didn't come back as Gods on earth. No. Not even close. We came back as God himself ... because we had defied everything humanly possible. We defied our limiting beliefs, we defied our fears, we defied the capabilities of a human being ... and we had redefined what it was to be a MAN."

Are you ready to win?

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