Japan's Pick Up Artists... Speed Daters!

Seriously, what is up with our Asian brothers over in the land of the Rising Sun? Here's a bizarro news clip about Japan's solution to it's declining birth rate. SPEED DATING! Heck, why not just make it mandatory?

My last client actually lives out in Japan. He's your average Asian dude, but what he has that other Japanese and Asian American men DON'T have is that KILLER INSTINCT. That DETERMINATION to win, succeed, and conquer. He's gotta compete with a lot of taller white and black dudes not to mention tons of white worshipping Japanese women, but he's got that FIRE IN HIS BELLY to succeed with women.

Soon, I'll write up the racist AMOG (Alpha Male Other Guy) story and how my client used different ways to out-alpha and tool the racist AMOG when we were successfully gaming a pair of New York girls.

Anyways, he was telling me, Japanese guys are simply NO COMPETITION in the dating, mingling scene. Takes absolutely nothing to blow them out when it comes to talking to girls. Simply walking UP to a guy and a girl and the Japanese man fades away with his tail between his legs.


Japan, one of the most AFC-like, stuck in the Matrix, be a cog in the machine, places. For all the Japanese bros out there, man, FIGHT SOCIETAL PROGRAMMING! Go out there and TAKE what you want!

Anyways, I'm off to Vegas, baby, Vegas!

Japan’s Solution to Underpopulation Crisis - Speed Dating

By Terry Vanderheyden

TOKYO, April 26, 2006 (LifeSiteNews.com) – In an effort to remedy a plummeting population, local Japanese government groups are sponsoring “speed dating” events to facilitate marriages.

According to a BBC report, speed dating is a popular way for singles to meet in the country. Eligible singles are allowed two minutes to chat before a bell rings, signalling that it is time to meet someone else.

The effects of the demographic collapse are in evidence everywhere in the country. Over 2,000 schools have closed in the last 10 years. Many fear that the lack of a productive workforce and an abundance of seniors will lead to a collapse in pension funds.

“One of Japan’s problems is that so few children are being born,” said Exeo president Mr Saeki. Exeo is one company that hosts speed-dating events. “That’s why the local governments are coming up with incentives to encourage people to get married and give birth. The aim of our business is to help people.”

Japan has one of the world’s lowest birth rates at only 1.28 children per woman according to 2004 statistics. Besides local incentives, the federal government has introduced at least three policies to encourage women to have more children - all intended to improve child care access so that women can continue to work. So far women haven’t bought into the idea.

The country’s population will began its decline this year, and will drop from its current 128 million to 126 million by 2015, and to 101 million by 2050, bringing with it severe effects. Most fear the economic repercussions.

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