Fashion & Hair Style Advice for Asian Men

The female eye structure has more “P cells” that analyze texture and color and are naturally drawn to the color red than most other colors.
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Here are some of the questions I answered:
In ancient Japan, the children of samurai would undergo a rite-of-passage into manhood called Genpuku. The boy-turned-man was given a new name, adult clothes, and a new hairstyle to mark his introduction into adulthood.

In modern times, without this ritualized process or an identifiable positive male role model in the media, Asian American men have a hard time identifying with an adult, masculine figure. Many still maintain the hair and clothes of their childhood and thus do not commonly fall into any sexual archetypes that a non-Asian woman would find herself being attracted to.

I cannot count the times when a student came into my bootcamp and he was wearing the EXACT same haircut and exact same clothes that he wore in highschool. Half the problem Asian men face dating in today's society is what we do to ourselves and is, fortunately, 100% solveable.

The most generic haircut that I see Asian men sporting are:
  1. The Chilli-Bowl Haircut: I had this myself because my parents were too poor to take me to get a haircut so they cut my hair themselves to save money. It looks exactly like the name says, that someone put a bowl over your head and cut around in a circle.
  2. The Penis Head: This is supposed to be the Asian variation of the surfer haircut, but actually just ends up looking totally FOBBY and the head of a circumsized penis.
  3. The Q-Tip: This is the buzzcut look taken when the Asian man either joins the military or is so fed up with the hassle of finding a decent hairstyle, that he buzzes the side and does a fade with spikes on the top.
  4. The Dragon Ball Z: Actually, this isn't generic and props for the Azn kids for trying something different, but they have to burn through an elephant sized tub of gel and create a hole in the ozone with how much hair spray they have to use.
And don't get me started on the black and gray uniform.

So here are my tips for Asian guys to raise your sexual and passive value through fashion and hairstyle after the jump:

1. Wear fitted clothes: You see that line at the shoulder of your shirt where the sleeve is sewed onto the torso of your shirt? That’s called the “break” and it should lay ontop of where you bend your shoulder. If it’s over the shoulder and not lying on your shoulder joint, it’s too big and baggy.

Also, spend the extra $20 to tailer any cool blazers that you have, it’ll pay dividends in making you look more rakish and fit (even as the vest hides your beer belly or the jacket gives you the illusion of broader shoulders).

2. Add color to your look: You want to avoid bland colors while having an overall color coordinated look. Color is very important, especially in a dark, night club where the dark colors like grey and black blend into the background.

By adding color, you’ll stand out from the crowd. Now, the female eye structure has more “P cells” that analyze texture and color and are naturally drawn to the color red than most other colors. Throw in the fact that people assume that other people who wear red are outgoing, confident, and sexual, you have a winning combination.

This could be as simple as a red tie and hankerchief to a red hat or do the Blood Hawk, which gets to my next point.

3. Have sexy hair: Get rid of the chilli-bowl haircut or whatever hairstyle that you’ve had since childhood. It’s time to grow up and wear a man’s set of hair. For Asian men, it’s always been a struggle finding a really cool hairstyle. Probably the most “one size fits all” that will work for Asian men’s hair is the faux hawk.

I started doing the faux hawk in 2005 and then I added the color red to make it the (in)famous Blood Hawk. I’ve also gone the other extreme of not caring too much about my hair and letting it grow shaggy and mulletish. The difference in women’s reaction between the two could not be more night and day. Trust me, there is a HUGE amount of passive and sexual value when you present yourself with a hairstyle that shows that you pay attention.

Finally, I try to go for a more MACHOSEXUAL rather than METROSEXUAL look. That’s a preference and more than what I intend to answer in the short time here, but you can check out my article on that here.

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