[UPDATED - 10 PICS] The Bootcamp of 100% Kiss Closes! (Night One)

[UPDATED 9/4/07] I give you our FIRST AUDIO TESTIMONIAL for an ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp by the Australian Lethyr M. Go to our new Audio Testimonial Page to listen to his charming Ozzie accent as well has him making out in the Las Vegas Bootcamp of 100% Kiss Closes!

"Going in there, I had my doubts. But from the very moment you meet him, he has this sort of aura about him. Which lets you know that he is the real deal!" - Lethyr M. (Australia)

More audio testimonials coming up!

This last bootcamp in particular was a special event where I had almost my entire APB Team representing! We had Approach Coach Toy Machine, Wing Woman Jewelz, and Interns-in-Training Quipster and Johnny Wolf who provided additional bonus training for four (4) students from Seattle, Los Angeles, Kansas City, and even Australia!

So needless to say, Vegas didn't know what rocked them! Yes, on the FIRST NIGHT of the program, we had a 100% success ratio in KISS CLOSES with eight (8) of us guys and our one (1) wingwoman.

Of course, The APB Team and I can't take all the credit... we had a really good group of guys who ranged in experience levels, but who ALL had one VERY important thing in common that lead to this being such a HUGELY successful program...


Well, here's a ton of pics for you guys that was JUST for the first night where EVERYONE kiss closed (there's a Lay Report on the second night of the program)...

The Asian Playboy in a Three Way Kiss
The Asian Playboy and Jewelz in a Three Way Kiss-Close

Student Hoax Banana Kiss Closing Girl #1 Student Hoax Banana Kiss Closing Girl #2 Student Hoax Banana Kiss Closing Girl #3
Student Hoax Banana on a Kiss-Closing Roll!

Student Hoax Banana Kiss Closing Girl #4 Student 4FiveSex Kiss Closing Girls
Students Hoax Banana and 4FiveSex Kiss-Closing!

Toy Machine Kiss Closing a Bachelorette Quipster Kiss Closing a Latina Johnny Wolf Kiss Closing a Black Woman
APB Team Members Kiss Closing: Toy Machine, Quipster, and Johnny Wolf

Quipster and Students Owning a VIP Table 4-Set
Quipster and Three Students OWNING a VIP Table, Mixed 4-Set!

Signed, Asian Playboy

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P.S. There's more on the way including two more nights of pictures AND audio testimonials! BOOYAH!

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