[VIDEO] To Fight or Not to Fight: Scott Le vs Cameron Flores

A recent video of a smaller Asian kid taking on a much larger (supposed) bully who'd been picking on him at school has been making the rounds on the internet. Eyebrow raising to say the least in its swiftness and finality.

I will say, however, for myself when I was much smaller, I had been constantly told never to fight and always back down from physical confrontation. I remember doing exactly that when I was in elementary school and met my first real violent bully.

Walking home every day, there'd be a larger blonde kid passing by as apparently he lived in the opposite direction. Every day he called me names from the general to the racist. If I crossed the street, he'd cross over to sneer at me and verbally assail me with impunity as we passed by each other...

One day he faked a punch at me and I raised my arm to defend myself. He took that as a provacative action (not that he really needed a reason) and started punching me in the face. As I'd been taught, I was a good little pacifist and didn't fight back. I ended up walking home with a bloody nose, feeling dejected and ashamed of myself.

The same thing happened to my little brother years later walking home from his highschool except he was ganged up on by several other kids, had a rock taken to his head, and got himself a bloody concussion. And he didn't fight back as was expected of us.

Maybe you don't believe in violence and pacifism is the more noble path. Or that fighting is a viable means to an end. Whatever, I'm not here to make your life decisions for you.

Putting it in terms of Pick Up and Seduction, though, women DO judge men by their height, size, and muscles. It's one of the primary Attraction Switches, Physical Attraction.

But the REAL underlying factor from a woman's unconscious needs is: CAN YOU PROTECT HER AGAINST AGGRESSORS?

In other words, are you a Protector of Loved Ones? If you don't have the height and size, can you convey it with your words and actions that you are someone that can not only take care of himself, but take care of her if- heaven forbid- rapists/muggers attacked her?

Unlike playground bullies, however, adults can be truly dangerous and deadly. Like when Papi got sucker punched and had to be sent to the hospital.

It's up to you whether or not you choose to fight back in a bar or club. I can't make those decisions for you... but having some real Fight Club skills under your belt wouldn't hurt either. Just in case.

new kid (asian) at school vs bully

Scott - 14 years old, 5'8, 145lbs. Backround - wrestling
Cameron - 14 years old, 5'10, 190lbs. Backround - unknown

Fourteen year old asian kid transferred to a totally new school. didn't know anyone. got picked on by apparently the "toughest" bully in the school. he stood up for him self. told the dude to "meet him after school" if he wants to do something about it. half of the school shows up to see the fight. they all root for the "bully."

in fact, in the unedited version, before they fight, while [Scott Le] is tying up his shoes the whole crowd is calling him names (*****, ****), saying his ass is gonna get kicked and spitting on him the whole time.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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