[NEWS/STUDY] Massive Sex Statistics and What It Means to You

"Looks are most important to women in their 20s and least important to women in their 40s. Intelligence in a partner is least important to married women and women who earn $100,000 or more. Meanwhile, men who earn more than $100,000 care more about partners' looks than poorer men."
The magazines Esquire and Marie Claire surveyed almost 2000 people about their sexual habits. I've selected a few choice tidbits and explained how I think it relates to pick up, dating, seduction, and YOU.

Like I stated before, I back up my bootcamp instruction with not only observational field work earned through 3 years in The Game, but also actual scientific research that studies sexual psychology and behavior.
After all, Pick Up Artists are nothing more than mad social scientists.
It's called the FUCK BUDDY relationship or FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. Really, the best situation a guy can be in is if the girl he's seeing agrees to be EXCLUSIVE TO HIM, but HE can still see other people (ie "Don't ask, don't tell" policy). That, my friends, is the best of both worlds. Well, that and regular threesomes.

In marriages, the romance and excitement just slowly fade away leaving nothing but a destitute, dessicated, dried husk of a man...
As the dearly departed Biggie used to say, "More money, more problems." There's a level of diminishing set of returns by X amount of work put in to get Y amount of Z' Pussy. What use is it being a high powered attorney making the big bucks if you're working 60 to 80 hours a week? Money is a MEANS to an end, not the end itself.

Though it's sure nice to have.
The 4 to 10 hour time window for sex falls into this. Most people have sex within that time or the clasically understood THIRD DATE...

For example, Day 1 (the actual approach) lasts 1 hour. Day 2 (the first date) lasts 2 hours. Day 3 (the second date) another two hours. Day 4 (the 3rd date) lasts 2 hours again. That's about 7 hours of Game Time, well within the Sex Window.
That sounds about right. The only thing I'd add is that, in teaching Asian men, I've learned (through research as well as observationally) that AMs are far below this number. Not only that, however, we're also the only ethnic group (white, black, hispanic, etc) where the WOMEN surpass the men in numbers of partners and are earlier in losing their virginity.

Whatever you want to identify as the root cause (be it culture to a racist media), it doesn't really matter. The issue exists and you have to fight it if you want to succeed with women to at least be in the "AVERAGE" category.
It's the old 90/10 rule. 10% of people are doing 90% of the work. In this case, 10% of men are DOING 90% of the single women. In other words, Average Joe doesn't know that his hot girlfriend has a stable of "friends with benefits."
This to me is indicative of LMR (Last Minute Reservations/Resistance). Too many guys are losers and DON'T UNDERSTAND SEX FROM A WOMAN'S PERSPECTIVE. If you remove HIV/STD, pregnancy is her leading cause of concern.

LMR and ASD exist for a reason. And it's a GOOD reason. Learn to live with it and use it to your advantage. It's not you, it's her.
This is Buyer's Remorse. Don't be an ass and make her feel guilty. We're all sexual creatures with needs and desires. No woman is a slut. I don't believe in that. I believe ALL women are deep inside sluts. It's your job to bring it out of them.
Generally, I don't recommend online dating for Asian men. The battlefield is vastly more stacked up against Asian men in the online minefield than it is in real life. And even if you do by some miracle get a meetup, you still have to have real life, interpersonal skills.

Be good with REAL women in REAL life before even thinking about online dating. Or, if you REALLY want to do online dating, make $250K and then you'll be on a level playing field.

Here's another different study about social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook where it states that 70% of teen girls are dedicated users to it and 29% of boys use those sites to flirt and hook up.
The late night booty call, booyah!
Classic Anti-LMR tactic... the Cold Freezeout/Takeaway.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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