Spirit Fingers and Asian Playboy Do New York: When Top Asian PUAs Meet

"You can tell APB has game just by looking at him and talking to him...

... he was more like a natural, just laying back and demonstrating value passively..."

- Spirit Fingers
While in New York, I had the privilege of meeting up with Spirit Fingers, a hot and upcoming instructor for theApproach and fellow blogger. He was also on my Top Asian Pick Up Artist of 2005 List.

I've made it an unconscious habit to read men and women's body language as well as the reaction of people around. Call it Situational Awareness, the ability to read both people and the environment around you.

Amongst many of the things that I saw about Spirit Fingers was his ability to project a sexual vibe. This is especially vital for Asian men who find it difficult to overcome stereotypes in dating and one that Spirit Fingers seems to have mastered. Something about the facial expressions, hand movements, etc. which is difficult to convey without actually seeing.

Case in point, while at dinner, Spirit Fingers stood up and two Asian girls gave him that intrigued, ravenous look that only lions on the prowl can give. Maybe it was his body language or his ass, but as Spirit Fingers himself notes, it's all part of passive game, the ability to project a vibe as well as appearing congruent with it. And he's got that down with the smoothness of his speech, body language, and dress.

Not to mention he's got some seriously crazy openers! LOL, reminds of the old LoverBoy and Hoobie "Penis" game. I think any student that learns from Spirit Fingers is privileged and I heard some great stuff and results from one of his NYC students about what went down their previous night of bootcamp.

Over at the Restricted Asian PUA Forums, Spirit Fingers gives his own observations.

APB and I were both doing programs in New York last weekend, so we decided to meet up. He brought his student, I brought mine.

You know his thing about being "the world's laziest PUA?" I thought it was funny when he told me on the phone, but then I found it he really is. We were going up to a second floor restaurant, and with no hesitation he splits from the group and takes the elevator. That was pretty funny in itself.

You can tell APB has game just by looking at him and talking to him. Actually, it's funny because his personality and demeanor are a lot different than other top community guys I've met. They tended to be more entertaining/super interesting, but he was more like a natural, just laying back and demonstrating value passively, while also naturally getting good compliance.

In my opinion, this is the most effective kind of game, and it resonates a lot with the natural game stuff I do.

I taught his student about The Compliance Value Model and some basic stuff about opening while APB taught some of his stuff to my students. I know my students appreciated it and liked what APB had to say, and I'm sure his student felt the same.

[APB], it was great meeting you and we'll definitely have to hit the clubs together sometime. If we're ever doing a program in the same city again, I'm down to teach your students a bit and let you teach mine.

- Spirit Fingers (theApproach Instructor)

Signed, Asian Playboy

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