Spirit Finger Says "No Comment, BEYOTCH!"

Your intrepid reporter, Asian Playboy, was finally able to corner the elusive playboy and seducer, Spirit Fingers, on the mean, hard streets of suburban Boston.

When this reporter asked, "How does it feel being nominated as one of the Top Asian Pick Up Artist for 2005?!" the reclusive Spirit Finger gave his "Other Finger" and yelled, "No comment, BEYOTCH!"

He then climbed into his Humvee limo where two women were still fast asleep from either sexual exhaustion or the boredom of living in Boston. Not to be deterred, mild mannered APB trailed the eccentric pick up artist to the Spirit Finger mansion, Project Fingering, and was finally able to have a sit down chat with one of the US's best Asian seducers.

Here's what Spirit Fingers had to say to all his fellow Asian bros looking to improve their dating life, self-confidence, conversational abilities and basically get laid like a rockstar on his farewell tour (the tour that happens right before his "triumphant return from retirement" tour):

Most Asian guys are lame and don't get laid. Because of this, lots of limiting beliefs get spread around with Asian guys trying to learn pickup -- that Asian guys can't be PUAs, girls don't like how Asian guys look, etc. But there are guys like myself, Asian Playboy, Loverboy, etc. who are proving that isn't true. The reason why most Asian guys don't get laid isn't because of the way they LOOK, but because of the way they ACT. If you can change the way you act, you will start seeing success.

It's been an incredible journey for me, and it's a journey anyone can make. Two years ago I was a nerd who had trouble getting laid. Today, my relationship and sex life has never been better. My reality is a fantasy for a lot of people: I'm currently sarging with my hot bisexual girlfriend who I'm totally in love with, looking for threesomes. It was a ton of work and a lot of times I wanted to give up, but I didn't. And it was completely worth all the effort.

My advice to everyone reading this: don't give up. Don't accept being a nerd, or having a mediocre social and sex life. There is much more out there waiting for you, and it is yours for the taking.

There you have it, dear readers, words of wisdom from the East Coast Asian Lover of 2005.

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