The Mighty Asian Man... and a Link

Doing the kind of work I do is tough.

I'm constantly traveling, going to new cities, learning the lay of the land on the fly while at the same time trying to get into the mind of my client... finding out what makes him tick... how to make him better... how to make him BELIEVE in himself when he's had a lifetime of people trying to put him down... all while giving a half day lecture followed by a night of field work custom designed to his sticking points, strengths and weaknesses.

Heck, even beyond that, sometimes my Game isn't up to par. I've got a lot of good nights, some average nights, and on occassion bad nights. I still get pushed around every now and then. I still get a few racial slurs. But I'm Asian Playboy and I'm unstoppable. Whenever reality slaps me down, I get up and try again.

I am going to raise a generation of top Asian PUAs for 2006 or kill myself (or them) trying.

And then there are moments that make it all worth while. Almost every bootcamp has had one of those moments- like a sports highlight reel when a player makes that game winning touchdown- that flash of insight, when the student starts seeing the code of the Matrix and a SPARK just happens.

I feel PRIDE for my student and/or Asian brother when he makes that juke, that zig, that zag, when everyone else is trying to pull him down before he passes the goal line... he still snatches victory out of the jaws of defeat. It makes the jet lag, the long days, the long weekends, staying up to 4AM+ in the morning talking about any of his limiting beliefs... it makes it all worthwhile.

It wasn't the best moment that I've had with a student, per se, I've had a great many over these past few months. Moments when I'm glad I'm doing what I'm doing despite the imposition on my own personal life, the traveling, and the long hours. Moments when I feel like I'm truly making a difference in someone's life.

So this wasn't the best teacher-student moment, but I was definitely inspired by a link (at the bottom of this post) as well as Quixotic's game winning attitude.

For this last bootcamp in Philadelphia, on the last day, Quixotic approached a two set: one really hot blonde and her average brunette friend. It didn't go anywhere, but then he pushed himself in again with another set of two REALLY sexy women also at the same bar. One red headed MILF and hottie brunette who turned out to be a stripper, both girls who had been dancing up a sexy storm when no one else was even dancing (ie attention whores).

Let's list the player hating I saw:

EVERYONE wanted him to fail. Everyone but two regular Asian dudes on a mission.

Then the red headed MILF left and Quixotic locked in the hot stripper for the rest of the night. End hating, begin major jealousy and envy.

People WANT you to fail. Beautiful women are a scarce commodity and in high demand. Society doesn't want you take up this scarce resource, they're reserved for the highly contributing members of society (read: HUMAN BATTERIES TO THE MATRIX).

It's up to YOU to succeed.

To TAKE what's yours.

And to BYPASS anyone who dares stop you.

You have to be an unstoppable force. A gale of personality. A maelstrom of charisma.

Thanks to Johnation33 from the AznLover forum (which also hosts THE forum for Asian PUAs that I moderate) for the You Are Mighty website.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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