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Welcome readers from AngryAsianMan.com and everyone else picking this blog up after reading the D Magazine article.

A little background on myself, I'm your average Asian American guy, 5"6, 140lb. I had dated girls in college, but always considered myself "lucky" especially since I went to a private technical college. It wasn't until later when I moved to Los Angeles and found myself totally unprepared for the harsh dating scene outside of college that I realized that dating, attraction, seduction, and just getting the girl is actually a learned skill and artform.

If you're already good with women, that's great. But a lot of the bros aren't and a lot are coming from backgrounds dealing with racism growing up with neo-Nazis, getting their face beat in by three rednecks in a parking lot, or simply assuming and believing they don't DESERVE women. That it's all to blame on the media. Game, in reality, is something that's both internal (your confidence and beliefs) as well as external and how you treat and act around women that can help improve your dating skills. It's not magic, it's not luck, it's simply skill, hardwork, and yes, a little bit of the numbers game.

Anyways, I'm down here in Vegas and about to start my bootcamp. So I leave you with AsianChia's testimonial from the bootcamp in Montreal that also included Hasselhoff.

Highlights of this bootcamp were:

When I recall the experience in my memory, I think about a friend coming over to visit kind of like an old friend I haven't seen in years visiting, that's how comfortable I was around you. I think a big part of it was you putting us at ease. The boot camp was a fun experience overall and a nerve wrecking one as well as I had to break that mental block that was keeping me from approaching and had to face my weaknesses in my game. But I've learned to address the approach issue since then.

The highlight of the week-end was definitely on day 3 when we hit Winston Churchill and I'm sure you remember as you were the one who was most excited at one point, I think that rubbed off on us as well. Never in my life have I seen such a mating ground I thought I was in a movie, it shocked my frame of reality because in those next 5 or so hours that we spent there I have approached more women than all of the years I've lived beforehand combined together. I've probably learned more about how to approach women right then and there than at any other time period (and that's including that mountain pile of ebooks and DVDs I had already consumed before taking the workshop)

I think you hit the hammer hit the nail pretty hard when you challenged me to help out my buddy, when my wing was in that 4 set with the 2 black amogs my heart was pumping and when you said the magic words I think my primitive brain just took over on every logical objection I had in my mind. I just approached, it felt like a movie as it went pretty well as I just befriended the main amog and occupied him while my wing was running his routine to the 2 seated girls at the bar.

I also remember that girl I talked to when we were seated down when I accidentally spilled some beer on the counter. Funny thing is that she didn't seem to matter all that much, had I had more game I know I could have gone much further as her friends left her alone to talk to me.

One thing that you did overall that needs to be emphasized is that you were always available for feedback before and after sets so we as students always had somewhere to fall back upon, for starters I feel this is important as the student is never left alone.

Like I've said to you in the past, I've always had this killer instinct in me and it is that which had always brought me any type of success I've had in the past, this is no different. You've done a good job helping me apply it in the field of seduction by pumping me up.

The exercises were the best part of the boot camp, as it gets down and dirty and pushes the students to work on their game. I truly believe this shines through when out in the field.

On the flip side, I've already told you what you could had improved on and I hope that you will implement them in future boot camps so I will not address them here. But those were minor things as the bulk of the boot camp was a very positive experience for both me and my friend.

You are an inspiration in the sense that I had never known an asian womanizer before, and I do not put this lightly because I know a lot of asian guys and to see you in action confirmed what I always believed but had never seen, that skills can overtake any limitation may it be physical, race or psychological. I am looking forward into seeing you speak at Cliff's list Seminar this summer!


Signed, Asian Playboy

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