Now Taking Seduction Bootcamp Reservations for June and July

I'm catching up on some much needed rest as well as going on dates for the entire weekend. I ended deleting about a dozen phone numbers from women that I had approached but had never bothered to call up due to my traveling schedule.

You have to love the wonders of mass text messaging just to see who bites after not talking to some of these girls for weeks on end. You'd be suprised since I can barely remember what some of these girls looks like.

My poll on "To Pull or Not to Pull" shows that the majority (58%) do not support pulling while a small, but significant minority (32%) are either OK with it or simply need to see it in action.

Anyways, I am currently booked for the month of April and May. I'll be doing exclusive 1on1 bootcamps in Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Toronto, Dallas, and Pennsylvania. The Los Vegas and New York students are still looking for a co-student to split costs since group bootcamps are less expensive.

Just to clarify, the Free Phone Consultation is for Bootcamp attendees within the US (outside the US we can communicate via e-mail or IM). I've had many people sign up with no interest in bootcamps, but who wanted to ask for my free advice on the phone. I apologize if this was not made clear before.

I will, in the future, have true hourly, fee-based phone consultations, but I am currently only taking those who are interested in signing up for an approach/seduction bootcamp with me.

I will probably be doing this once I've finished writing up the Seduction & Attraction e-courses. I plan to have a free version as well as paid for version which will be more detailed with missions as well as online support in the form of personalized e-mail responses and exclusive APB forum. I can tell you guys, they are going to be choke full of information to the point of overload.

I will be getting in contact with the rest of you who signed up soon. I tend to get distracted when bootcamps start as well as needing a little rest and prorecreation so it takes some time. Feel free to e-mail me again in order to remind me.

Next, my much delayed Case Files #3 will be going out next week before I fly out to Los Angeles. Apologies again for being a bit slow, but like my previous newsletters, these tend to run on 8 to 12 pages.

Finally, Grungey10, the master Day Gamer and all women who dare trespass on malls and coffee shops, now has his own website, Captivate to Connect. So check it out, it's professionally done and neat, unlike the ad hoc code that you see on my blog. :-)

Signed, Asian Playboy

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