My God, It's Full of Charts! by Captain Jack

So my bro, Captain Jack fellow Top Dallas PUA of 2005, shot me an e-mail with regards to Lifestyle Dating shedding some light on Mr. Model Magnet and his ebook charts.

Printed with permission:


I didn't listen to the podcast but I've read Rion's ebook and a lot of his emails. Wingman A and Wingman B went to his free seminar inHouston. Wingman A thinks he's the Messiah and Wingman B thinks he's full of shit.

I'm leaning towards Wingman B's assessment.

Take his graphs for instance. I'm an engineer/scientist (turned marketer) and I get weirded out when you have graphs but no quantification of what's on the graph. How are you measuring? WHAT are you measuring? What are the units?

Graphs are OK if you are just trying to get a visual point across but for the amount of time he spends on them you'd think they had some real quantities/measurements behind them.

His ebook is 157 pages of theory with NO methodology and without any way to measure or verify your "high characterness" which he believes is the key.

If you are going to drone on about InnerGame, then provide some tools to get it AND a way to experientially verify that you've achieved it.

He claimed that when you exhibit this high characterness that women basically flock to you...yet, he wouldn't go sarge with the guys at his seminar so they could see this in action.

== Captain Jack

Signed, Asian Playboy

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