2005's Top Pick Up Aritsts in Dallas

If you're not on the list, it's not necessarily because you don't have the skills- you may in fact be absolutely money, but no one in the top has either winged with you and seen you in action or heard enough second hand reports that it might be considered substantial and factual.

In reverse alphabetical order:

Honorable Mentions
Tribulus - his enthusiasm for the game is infectious and he's willing to learn, try, fail and succeed while everyone else keeps on doing the wrong thing over and over again
Requiem Knight - a student of peacocking and Mystery Method, I still remember and use variations of his opener, "Is it wrong to date a lesbian porn star?"
Gabriel - Awesome cocky & funny attitude with a "I don't give a shit" attitude
Danger - Total dedication to the game who is willing to see his strengths and weaknesses and improve his game in any area
AJ - Always a joy to hang out with, it won't take him long to become a truly expert PUA... in between med school and modeling.

Dallas' Best PUAs
Prophet - a Mystery Method instructor with an awesome attitude, pimp bounce venue, and can hold court like a king
Captain Jack - a fun loving bro with the clown grin, he's got an awesome attitude and can roll with the best of us
Asian Playboy - no fucking social robots allowed. Do not pass go, drop your routines, let's see what you got.

Feel free to endeavor and take away the crown. Competition is the LIFE BLOOD of a PUA. Pick up, sex, dating, and all that is a COMPETITIVE SPORT. You either have the killer instinct, the willingness to throw down and put your balls on the line, or you don't and are willing to be washed out of the gene pool.

In 2005, Prophet and I helped build what was a 30 member community into some 165 peeps. Hopefully 2006 will see the beginings of more aspiring PUAs who are dedicated to the Game.

You want the 2006 crown? Put on your game face.