Best Asian PUA of 2010

As you know, the PUA Summit is swiftly approaching and yours truly is once again nominated as World's Best Asian Pick Up Artist of 2010.

In the past years, there might have been such contenders and old timers like Loverboy, Papa, Hoobie, Grungey, Daniel Rose, etc (see my tongue in cheek Top Asian PUA of 2005 List) although they've pretty much all left the Game, retired, or otherwise moved on to different fields.
We are a happy medium of Asian men who want to become better men and ultimately more successful with women, but WITHOUT having to sacrifice our core identities in order to become a "PUA" OR a hardcore "Azn."

Now in the 2010 lineup, there's new blood like DJ Fuji, a highly respected indie instructor formerly of Mehow, as well as young up and comers like Bonsai and Grandma. So while I was Twittering (yes I now tweet so why aren't you following them?), I was asked quite seriously: "What made me the best?"

A serious question deserves a serious answer to which I replied:
I was the first, original, and longest running pro Asian Dating Coach and Pick Up Artist going on 5+ years now (started 2004, turned pro in 2005). I've taught literally thousands of Asian men around the world on all the major continents. I have hundreds of positive bootcamp reviews, video testimonials, bootcamp pics, and infield video to prove it. 
I've been featured in over a dozen media outlets including the front pages of newspapers and on national television (ABC). I have shaped and formed the AM dating scene more than any one single (non-celebrity) human being.

How's that for credentials?
Part of the reason WHY there even exists a separate Asian PUA community now (derived from both Asian American online community and the Seduction Community) is because I influenced and/or helped create the fabric and template by which these Venn Diagrams came together.

I don't say this to be arrogant or conceited, but before the Game exploded, the entire Seduction Community all but ignored the issue of racism and sometimes even ridiculed the idea or exacerbated the issue altogether by making fun of Asians, Asian issues, and Asian stereotypes.

This eventually lead me to slightly distance myself from the PUA Community and begin an outreach into the Asian Community. Notice, I've been on several ethnic media outlets while mainstream types would ignore them which includes the needs of ASIAN MEN WHO FORM THIRTY THREE PERCENT (33%) OF THE SEDUCTION COMMUNITY that they profess to serve.

Thus, the Asian PUA Community came into existence to serve the needs of its people and the LARGER issues we face completely unrelated to pick-up, NOT that of the Seduction Community at large.

And it is a truly separate community that we've helped create. It's not a mere philosophical subdivision like the eternal debate between Indirect Game vs Direct Game. No, the vast majority of our ABCs of Attraction students aren't Seduction Community guys. They may have read the Neil Strauss' book The Game and seen an episode or two of VH1's The Pick Up Artist, but they don't live it and breath it as indepth as the majority of Community guys do.

And while they obviously self-identify with their Asian culture, going to online AA community forums, they aren't the "Azn Pride" type either. We are a happy medium of Asian men who want to become better men and ultimately more successful with women, but WITHOUT having to sacrifice our core identities in order to become a "PUA" OR a hardcore "Azn."

Almost EVERY Asian American online forum you come across now has a subset PUA culture associated with it. It can never really be part of the "mainstream" Seduction Community because there is a definite strain of prejudice and exploitive factor that exists in the Community (ever notice how a significant number of Pick Up companies and their instructors can only pick-up FOBBY Asian women?).

I think the Community has come a LONG way from back in 2004 when there was NO answer on how to deal with racism and prejudice when you ran into the field.

And other than the godfathers of seduction themselves like Mystery, Style, etc, I feel that I had a definite hand in shaping the community and future of Asian American men's dating.

So if you got any value, over the 5 years of my blog, going on 850+ free posts, then go over and vote one last time at the PUA Summit Poll. You'll be glad you did!


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