Best Cities in the World for One Night Stands by JW

Johnny Wolf here. Having traveled around the world teaching bootcamps, I've noticed that different cities require different game. And some cities are a lot easier to get a one night stand in than others. The ironic thing is, the easier the girls are to open and the friendly they are, the harder it is to get laid!

Take Melbourne Australia, Toronto Canada and Austin, TX for an example. Both places are extremely easy to start a conversation since girls are extremely receptive and friendly. So stages A and B are pretty simple to get into, and comfort is a piece of cake. However, going into sexual interest is where it gets sticky.

In other cities where girls have the reputation to have high bitch shields such as New York, South Beach Miami, and San Francisco, girls don't open up easily, and just getting the conversation going can be difficult...however, if you stick your approach and stick in there, the chances of her sleeping with you are much higher than in the "friendly" cities.

Why is this you might ask. Well, it's the concept of getting laid takes work, you can either put it in the beginning of the conversation or towards the end.

Now places like Las Vegas are great for buying temperature and sexual escalation, and if you plan it right you logistics can amazingly tight, but it's horrible for comfort and connection. So you might have a problem dealing with her friends and cock blocks if they don't trust you enough to let her leave with you. And you can bet your money on red, that she came with friends...after all, who comes to vegas alone?

So what are the best places in the world for one night stands?

#1 on my list would be New York City! (Upcoming: Aug 15 & Sept 05)

Why? Because it's difficult to approach, which means, it's easier to close. Higher initial bitch shields equal more sexually confident women, so if you can get through the first half of the interaction, the latter is easier.

But the real reason why New York is wins is because of logistics. Most people in NY arrive and leave alone by Taxi and meet their friends at the bar or club, which means, getting her back to your place is often as simple as "wanna split a cab up town?"

Plus since NY clubs close at 4am, it's normal for friends to split at random times in the night to go home, unlike places like LA where clubs close at 2am and everyone waits till the end of the night to leave together.

#2, Runner up city is Las Vegas! (Upcoming: Aug 29)

The reason why Vegas came in second is because it's more hit or miss than New York. Buying temperature and sexual escalation is much higher here which is a get plus, and sets are easy to open because everyone's having fun and from out of town!

Logistics could be good if you get a hotel room in the same hotel as you plan on going clubbing in.

But unlike NY, you have a lot more random variables like friends, multiple people sharing a room, and people wanting to drink too much or get super BT crazy.

So what about the other cities that are hard to pull the same night. What about us?

If you live in more social circle oriented cities where everyone seems to know each other or arrive in groups, don't worry, game works there too. You may just have to set up a day 2 or a date to get her alone with you. So if you live in London, LA, San Francisco, Texas, or other places that seem clicqish, have no fear, the ABCs of Attraction are here! And game works world wide!

Take a bootcamp in your city of choice! Choose a city near where you live to practice on the type of girls you'll normally meet, or use this bootcamp as an excuse to take a vacation somewhere else to really let loose and push you boundaries.

We're coming to New York, Las Vegas, Sydney Australia, China, San Francisco, and of course Los Angeles where we're based.

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Warm Regards,
Johnny Wolf

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