My Day Game Structure (Day Game PUA)

My Approach To Day Game

Lately I've been thinking about the structure I use in meeting women during the day. Here's the simple structure that I use during the first day. There's lots of little things I do in addition to it, but I'll give you a general overview.

I call it "ECCENTRIC"

I discuss this more in my newsletters and programs. Learn How To Meet Women During The Day It's a structure that flows smoothly from stage to stage. I will share with you guys the first four steps I use.

PRE APPROACH - Make sure you have the right non verbal communication. Good eye contact, relaxed body language, Powerful and Resonating vocal projection, and a smile on the opener.

*This structure isn't necessarily linear, Some steps occur at the same time and some you can mix together*

I. Engage- Start up the conversation

Skills needed:
- Opening smoothly
- Anti Blow out/Rejection Tactics
- Calibrating the proper opener for the situation

II. Captivate- Pull her in to your reality and start leading the interaction

- Some girls will contribute right away to the conversation and some won't your job is to lead them.
- Go first principle: If you want them to do something then you should do it first. If you want them to start opening up then do it first.

Skills needed:
- Spontaneous story telling
- Reality Pacing
- Conversational Vibing
- Comfort Accelerating Tactics

III. Connect- Building an emotional connection otherwise known as "The Heart Of Day Game"

Skill needed
- Deep Rapport
- Wide Rapport
- The Art of Relating on surface and core level values
- Fractionating between deep and wide rapport
- The silent pause
- Regression and other emotional connection tactics

IV. Escalate- This is where you take it to the next level

SKill needed
- Building verbal and non verbal sexual tension
- 4 gear shifting theory and application
- Isolation
- Instant Dating
- Multiple Venue changing
- Spontaneous Activity
- Getting her back to the car tactic
- Escalating Physical activity
- Planning the next date and getting her number

These are some of the tools I've used in the past. You don't need all of them, It's just an overview of my overall structure. I'll discuss this in depth in the future. I'll post my structure for a day 2 or Day 1 (If ever you decide to bring her home that same day)sometime soon.

Hope this helps for now.

Learn How To Meet Women During The Day


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