Can't Get a Date on VH1 and Negging

So I just finished another successful bootcamp here in Dallas with an Asian bro with lots of potential from Minneapolis. Captain Jack also guest instructed for two nights so hats off to one of Dallas's top PUAs for helping out and showing his seduction style.

Traveling and doing bootcamps every week is actually pretty draining and I have major respect for Mystery who, for a while, was doing it every single weekend for months on end. That takes major endurance.

Anyways, I was randomly surfing when I downloaded an episode for VH1's "Can't Get a Date" dating reality TV show. A nameless narrator and commentator slowly attempts to transform some AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) into a suave, charming man who can successfully attract the ladies.

First up was an AFC who kept a JAR OF URINE in his bedroom.

Now, I've had some hardcase clients, but damn, I've never had and quite frankly never want to have a student like that.

So, note to all you guys considering taking a bootcamp with me, don't have a jar of urine in your room. Please.

Anyways, what struck me was a comment about how this AFC was very obnoxious (ie negging to outright insults) to women. He, in a sense, was disqualifying himself before even running any kind of attraction on the woman.

It's like the stereotypical image of construction workers whistling at a beautiful woman as she passes by. They're essentially setting themselves up for failure beforehand with no real chance at success because by doing so, they don't have to face rejection because it's not meant to really work.

Like some guys who use negging as the main weapon in their arsenal. Negging is supposed to be used as a backhanded compliment to disarm a woman's shields IF she INSANELY thinks that she has higher value than you. I don't assume automatically that she is already and come in with a neg.

If you need to use it, use it. But don't assume YOU are already of lower value.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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