Modern Savage: 25 World's Greatest Pick Up Artists

[UPDATE: Thundercat names Asian Playboy as one of the Top 10 Pick Up Artists of 2009!]

Please, keep the approbation coming. In no particular order, Modern Savage on his new blog has listed 25 of the World's Greatest Pick Up Artists.

So some of my Minted Titles are:
  1. Dallas' Head Pick Up Artist of 2006
  2. Laziest Pick Up Artist in the World of 2006
  3. The "Tom Cruise" of the Asian Men's Movement of 2006
  4. The "Bruce Lee" of the Asian Men's Finishing School of 2007
  5. Top Asian Pick Up Artist of 2007

Asian Playboy

Dallas Bootcamp

A former student of Mystery’s and recently voted the world’s best Asian pick-up artist, Asian Playboy has developed his own method called the ABC’s of attraction. His focus is on dispelling the limiting beliefs of attraction in Asians and coaches many minorities on how to seduce beautiful women. His most recent research involves the concept of beginner’s hell.

  1. Mystery (Erik von Markovich)
  2. David DeAngelo
  3. Style (Neil Strauss)
  4. Tyler Durden
  5. Brad P
  6. Gambler
  7. Thundercat (Joseph Mathews)
  8. Dave M
  9. Juggler (Wayne Elise)
  10. Gunwitch (Allan Reyes)
  11. Ross Jeffries
  12. Sinn
  13. Mehow
  14. Vincent DiCarlo
  15. Lance Mason
  16. David Wygant
  17. Asian Playboy
  18. David Shade
  19. Zan Perrion
  20. Cory Skyy
  21. Swinggcat
  22. Stephen Nash
  23. Sean Messenger
  24. Matador
  25. Captain Jack
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