Prophet's (Brock) Sexualized Card Game/Routine

In one of Groove's lay reports, specifically the threesome with strippers, he intimated the use of Prophet's (now Brock a current Venusian Arts Instructor, formerly of The Mystery Method) Sexualized Card Game/Routine.

With Brock's permission, I give you the set ofs rules to that game which is designed to be played as a Comfort setting fast forwarded into more sexualized Direct Interest and Escalation.
Prophet's (Brock) Sexualized Card Game/Routine

First you say "We're gonna play a card game, its kind of like Kings, you know Kings?" Anyway each card's value represents a certain fun thing we have to do together. Here I'll write these down because you'll probably forget and accuse me of cheating"

Then take out a pen and write down what each number means.

"2 is Trues, which is Truth, like truth or dare, you've played"

"3 is Dare, also from truth or dare"

"4 is War for thumb wars"

"5 is Eyes -- eye contact, the staring game, we look into each others eyes and first person to look away or crack a smile loses"

"6 is Picks, which is the lying game. That means I'm going to tell you 3 statements, 2 are true and one is a lie, you have to pick the lie"

"7 is Heaven, which is heavenly experience -- so i might say, I want you to describe the best meal you've ever had, or the wildest sex you've ever had"

"8 is Elate, which means relax, so thats massage, one person has to give the other a massage"

"9 is Rhyme -- this one is from kings, so I'll say green, and you say keen, and mean, and so on till someone can't think of a rhyme immediately"

"10 is Win -- which is paper rock scissors"

"Jack is Smack -- which is the slap game, lay your hands on mine and we see who's quicker"

"Queen is Catagories -- so one of us will pick a category, and then go back and forth naming items in that category till we can't think of anymore, ie: "brands of condoms"

"King is Kiss"

"Ace is Rule, and these are the most powerful of all the cards -- which means you'll make a rule, that applies for the rest of the game, for instance, anytime you use the world 'I' you have to make a sex noise"

"Now -- some of these games have winners and losers, and for those winners and losers there are rewards and punishments for the loser -- but the loser gets a choice

-- If you lose at Thumb Wars, Eyes, Picks, Win, or Smack" you have to either... take one article of clothing off or take a shot. That's 4,5,6,10,J -- Here I'll put a star by these so you remember them.

And if you lose at Categories or Rhyme you have to tell the other person a secret."

"So, now that you know the rules I'll deal out 7 cards to each of us, and we go back and forth drawing from each other. Drawer is always the do-er. Youngest goes first."

-Brock/Prophet (Venusian Arts Instructor)

Signed, Asian Playboy


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