Groove's (Non)Farewell Tour with Mystery's Venusian Arts

With both pride and sadness, I have to announce the departure of one of my first APB Team Approach Coaches, Groove, who will now be a Venusian Arts Coach/Instructor with Brock/Prophet, Mystery (Erik von Markovitch), Matador, J-Dog, Lovedrop, Hawaii and the like.

I'll let the man speak for himself now.

Hey guys, Groove here.

No I’m not back from the grave. No I didn’t get stuck in Cancun in Hurricane Dean like many of you have emailed me about (although what a cool story that would’ve made!).

And yes, I still very much enjoy the company of beautiful women, and do so on a regular basis. The past few months I’ve been pursuing quite a wide range of interests such as advancing my music career, traveling, seeking a deeper spiritualism, and taking steps towards my entrance into medical school (shout out to Dr. Dave), the outgrowth of which is such that my active involvement in this, the great seduction community, has taken a bit of a back seat.

Not to fret, however, as I’m on the cusp of some very exciting things. Let me take a brief moment here to extend my heartfelt hand in gratitude and appreciation to the one and only APB for having taken me under his wing, trained me, imparted to me innumerable pearls of pick-up wisdom, and allowing me the honor of being one of the first members of the now (in)famous APB Team!

We remain good friends and wingmen to this day and I would not be where I am in the seduction community without his tutelage.

To the APB team and all the former students I had the pleasure of meeting while working with APB, this is most definitely NOT good-bye as you’re all still my bros and I welcome all your emails and phone calls.

That being said, I am thrilled to announce my involvement as an Approach Coach with Brock (formerly known as Prophet) and the rest of the team at Venutian Arts, including the man himself, Mystery.

We’ll be holding bootcamps and events in Dallas and around the country so be sure and keep an eye on the schedule over at to stay up to date! New and exciting times lie ahead and I’m as ready as ever to face them head on.

See ya in the field!

Peace. B Wilde.


Signed, Asian Playboy


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