[MEDIA] Al Gore's Daughter & Chinese-American Business Man Marry

Maybe even one day we'll have ourselves a yellow-bellied president up on the White House eating sticky white rice too! And maybe, JUST maybe, his nickname will be "Little APB Junior..."
Just a little something I picked up from the Asian American grapevine over at the Orientalist Forums.

Whilst we PUAs tend to be malingering, superficial lecher types obsessed with the prettiest girls, perfectly shaved pubs, and biggest boobies...

That sometimes we lose sight of the forest for trees.

We forget that influence, money, power, status, and a permanent detachment of cold blooded, blindly loyal assassins sans "Secret Service" has an own attractive allure and sparkling sheen of gold all of if it's own.

So hat's off to Mr. Bill Lee for dipping his yellow rod in the blue blood of America!

It's... Sarah Lee!

Hmmm, first we might have ourselves a woman president... And then one day a black president...

Dare we think? Dare we hope? Yea, verily!

Maybe even one day we'll have ourselves a yellow-bellied president up on the White House eating sticky white rice too!

It's... Sarah Lee!

And maybe, JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUST maybe, his nickname will be "Little APB Junior..."


Al Gore's Daughter Sarah Gets Married

The youngest of Al Gore's three daughters, Sarah Gore, 28, married businessman Bill Lee in Beverly Hills on Saturday, family spokesperson Kalee Kreider confirms to PEOPLE.

The bride, who is taking her husband's last name, wore a gown by Monique Lhuillier at the wedding, which took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Willie Nelson performed at the reception, according to a family friend who was there and described it as "a great party."

Sarah Lee, as she is now named, is a medical student at the University of California San Francisco. She met her husband at a function for her father's Oscar-winning environmental documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. The movie was executive produced by Jeff Skoll, who served as the best man at the wedding.

"As one person joked during the wedding toasts, global warming helped bring Sarah and Bill together," the family friend tells PEOPLE.

The Gore family hosted a rehearsal dinner for 75 family and friends the previous evening at Beverly Hills' Crustacean restaurant, a longtime favorite of the Gores.

Crustacean's executive chef, Helene An, created for the wedding-eve party a six-course tasting menu that included Chilean sea bass and roasted crab. (To allay any conservationist concerns, the restaurant later specified that the sea bass served were not endangered or illegally caught.)

Then there was the dancing. "Al was the life of the party," says a source. "He and Tipper rocked on the dance floor."

• Reporting by SANDRA SOBIERAJ

Signed, Asian Playboy

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