[PODCAST] Nick Shane of Playboyskool and Asian Playboy Tonight!

Avast ye scalliwags!

Tonight at 7pm CST, we have a scheduled podcast with Nick Shane of Playboyskool. If you might remember, I met Nick at Cliff List's 2006 Montreal PUA Summit who flew in all the way from Europe.

His presentation had some good, solid points about specific club game tactics and the lifestyle associated with it from the infamous liquor pimps (hos who use men for drinks) to good club specific B-Game (Buying Temperature Tactics). Not to mention he had a funny, kick ass PUA style arcade game.

Anyways, this isn't a live podcast, but hopefully we'll be able to record it, clean it up, and put it online within a short period of time.

Check out his website and blog, The Playboyskool!

Signed, Asian Playboy

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