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Testimonial: Yellow Cab (Los Angeles)

[UPDATE: This blog is no longer being updated. For the very best and very latest in my continuing (mis)adventures, techniques, results, and pictures, please go to my ABCs of Attraction Blog! Thanks and I'll see you on the other side! - JT]

"I didn’t know what to expect. A lot of canned material to memorize? Or pickup lines to try? No, he helps you develop your own material... It was not easy to take criticism, but this is boot camp. I had to suck it up and grow big hairy balls... I know a lot of AZN bros can’t afford [bootcamp], but if someone can change your life in a few days, it’s well worth it."
-Yellow Cab (Los Angeles)

I'm in San Francisco right now for an Exclusive 1on1 Mentorship Program so I thought I'd bust out this old California testimonial that I hadn't posted yet.

Yellow Cab wrote up the Lay Report of when he and both hooked up with two sisters. Newborn was also at this bootcamp and wrote up his testimonial.

OCWaterBoy also helped guest instruct that night and was generally well received by the students.

It's a little redundant, but enjoy Yellow Cab's testimonial!
Yellow Cab’s APB Los Angeles February 2-4, 2007 Bootcamp Testimonial

How can one complain about a APB’s bootcamp on “How to get laid” if one got laid? Check out my field report of “2 Asian brothers sleep with two brunette sisters.

APB teaches a lifestyle change for Asian/ Minority men. I’ve read his website and know from personal experience that we AZN bro’s need to work a helluva lot harder to get the lifestyle that we all deserve. That’s why I signed up to take his bootcamp: to improve my social and sexual life.

ABOUT ME: I’m Filipino 5’6. 38 yrs.old. could lose a few lbs. I have minimal field experience. I’ve tried bits and pieces here and there. Read lots of material: The Game, Venusian Arts Handbook, Mysteries DVD’s, Ross Jeffries.

I had every excuse not to take his course: I’m not ready. I need to study more material.

Now is the best time...

I would recommend reading “The Game” and the Venusian Art Handbook. Learn a few of the games like “The Cube” or any Kino building game at The Bristol Lair.

Try them out on the field so you own them. I was able to use them a few of them. But who’s disciplined enough to do that?

Asian Playboy: He is by far an awesome instructor. Most people can do things, but can’t break it down as to why it works. It’s like most artist just “FEEL IT”. He can actually do it.

He was very patient with us and never got overly pissed at us when we made stupid mistakes and take it out on us. We’re here to have fun. I made some great friends and now I have lots of stories to tell.

There were three of us who took his 3 day bootcamp in Los Angeles. It’s REALLY changed all of us.

Most people will give you shit for taking a seminar like this. Fuck them because they don’t want to improve their life. They say that you will find that special girl one day… and that one day will never come. Or they will test you like “Go pick up that girl over there!” and laugh you.

I learned a ton. I mean a TON. I’m trying to write everything down. It’s as if I had a life experience / enlightenment. Reviewing my notes I now see where I went wrong and what I did right. APB corrected my bad habits right off the bat. His comments were brutally honest, but which of your friends will never point them out to you.

Try not to get hung up on details. I wanted to work at one step at a time because my opening REALLY sucked. I kept beating myself up over my opening. Perhaps that’s why it became harder and harder. As APB put it, a first down is good, but a touch down is better. Focus on being successful. It’s like creating art, it’s messy.

I didn’t know what to expect. A lot of canned material to memorize? Or pickup lines to try? No, he helps you develop your own material.

Be open to suggestion. He is a terrific coach who is here to help. Expect to learn a lot. Then again we’re Asian and we’re fast learners.

There were three of us which probably should be the max. After three you’d have to get an assistant. Having a couple of other students was helpful in that it gave me an idea of what to do and what NOT to do. They were also very supportive and encouraging. We all got along well and became friends.

Everything that I felt conscious about, APB pointed them out. It was not easy to take criticism, but this is boot camp. I had to suck it up and grow big hairy balls. I was here to learn.

I LOVED THESE EXERCISES! We discovered so much about our voice, speech pattern and speaking enthusiastically. It was a nice break from the lectures to get our blood pumping.

I would have liked some visualization exercise. For example: Imagine we’re a pack of wolves, you’re a super hero, you’re having the time of your lives at this place and when someone rejects you it only brings you closer to your goal.

It was clear, simple and concise. I liked the research studies statistics to emphasize and visualize how important the material was.

Suggestion: How about “How to eject from a group?” Then again after a girl’s turned her back, what’s left to say?

It was a HUGE EYE OPENER to watch APB sarge. I have seen non PUA’s sarge, but now I know what true game is. It’s like playing basketball with your buddies and then watching Kobe Bryant. It’s also great to know that it is possible to learn game because he was just like us.

I learned mannerisms like if you get introduced to a set, shake their hands. Buy your friends a drink. Keep the drinking to a slight minimum so you’re very aware.

I felt like I was in pack of wolves. OC Waterboy came out. I didn’t see him in action, but the other students said he was amazing. His style is very different, but the principles were still the same. I wish I could have bought him a drink.

His field critique was right on the money. I liked that he would only pick one or two points and leave it at that. Some people go on and on. Maybe it’s just me being my first time, but you could ease up on barking orders. I laugh about it now, but our nerves were already raw.

He was very well prepared with the classroom material and field experience. Obviously, he’s taught many people and can give the right critique.

I would have liked him to have us read some material prior for some of the newbies so they understand the list of terminology and concepts. E.g. sets, BT Spikes, Negs, Another exercise is to go out and practice speaking loudly a week before hand so they get used to it.

A preparation handbook would have been better. i.e.

Cash for cabs and clubs, no credit cards (we learned the hard way), breath mints, clothes to sarge, ID’s, cell phones and chargers, condoms and KY (always prepare for success).

Pick a hotel that isn’t a rat hole because you’re going to stay there all day. Spend a few extra bucks so your taxi ride isn’t long.

The location was a God send because our lays were within walking distance. LOL!

A clear schedule would be nice. It comes off as more professional and more prepared.
4 – 8 class at hotel room
8 – 9 dinner, dress up, relax
10- 1:30 club
1:30- hotel debrief

Well worth it for three days. I would hate to see the price go up because I know a lot of AZN bros can’t afford it, but if someone can change your life in a few days, it’s well worth it.

My personal advice to everyone is STOP PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!
My second recommendation is TAKE IMPROV or ACTING CLASS!

- Yellow Cab (Los Angeles)

Signed, Asian Playboy


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yellow Cab,

Just curious, you are not the first one to recommend budding PUAs to take up acting classes but would you elaborate on how it could potentially help our game?
Is it because it will make it so that our facial expression becomes more animated and avoid that Asian poker-face syndrome?

Brilliant PUA

3/25/2007 12:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stage actors are trained to be expressive.

Actors can emote and lead people's emotions, in addition to reading people's emotions. They are aware of their body language.

A simple lift of the brow, a slight tilt of the head. They can convey anything from flirtatiousness to sex to disapproval without a word.

Compare that to the Asian poker face. Not sexy.

Girls love expressive men because it makes their job easier. Being weaker and socially dependent animals, women developed the ability to read men's expressiveness. Her survival depended on it. She needs to read things like: What does he want, does he like me, will he kill me, will he protect me, does he have status to protect my offspring?

3/27/2007 7:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All those things that are posted are true.

In Improv there are 3 things I've learned that directly impact my game.

1 - Learning to listen from an emotional point of view.
2 - Learning to deal with being in an uncomfortable position
3 - Having fun.

1 - Too many times, men are information oriented rather than emotionally listening and talking.
We love to brag about how we know this or that and show off our intellectual prowess
Women want to emotionally connect to people at social events.

Improv is about LISTENING to what's being said, then you add to it.
It's not about saying the most clever thing.

HB - I bought a new house today.
AFC - it's a terrible time to buy a house the market ...
what kind of apr did you get? Where is it? How many bedrooms? ,etc.

(too many Q's and not sharing in her excitement)

HB - I bought a new house today.
PUA - That's exciting. You must be thrilled.
HB - Yes, I am I can't wait to move in.
PUA - Cool. You must be excited to decorate and paint. i love painting
esp. that fresh paint smell it reminds me when I was a kid and every summer we would ...

(maybe buying a house may not be realistic, but it's clear)

2 - I still have AA that will never completely go away. Improv is about making
stuff up as you go along. It's very uncomfortable and takes months. It gets
easier to deal with every time. I try to be first to volunteer and reduce my anxiety.
When you're onstage and you freeze up they don't call cut
You keep plowing.

3 - We play lots of games. I tell them that I'm taking Improv and
we play one of the games. Women love the games and it's a lot more fun
then talking about work or the stock market or politics (yuck!)
I also have an excuse to invite them to come see me perform!
As grown ups we forget to have fun.

-Yellow Cab

4/02/2007 12:32 PM


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