Testimonial: Newborn (Los Angeles)

"As mentioned in [Gatsby's] testimonial, [APB] is not tall and his looks are only average, but he makes up for it in fashion, style, and personality... the information alone that APB gives you is pure gold... nobody else has such specifically tailored information for average looking Asian guys... I mean, he had me convinced when he told my own story back to me. That’s how good he was."
-Newborn (Los Angeles)
If you blokes remember, not too long ago I had a 3on1 group bootcamp with some Asian brothers down in the Los Angeles area.

It was during this program that I pulled one sister for a full close on the second night and then helped Yellow Cab, an older Asian brother, pull the other sister on the third night. Here's Yellow Cab's Bootcamp Lay Report of the Brunette Sister to refresh your memory.

In circumstances like this, it becomes apparent that having backup in the form of an Approach Coach or Intern would have been highly useful. I generally don't try and pull until the end of the night- if at all- as I did the second night in LA. Or when I pulled a blond for a full hotel lay at the very end of the second night of a Dallas bootcamp or even the 15 minute blowjob close on the following third night of bootcamp.

On the Los Angeles third night of the program, if Yellow Cab- even learning as much as he did at his intermediate level of experience and skill- was to have a better than average chance with the other sister, I had to be there all the way (even to the point of telling my girl at the end of night to kick out her sister and Yellow Cab so we could have sex and the other two could go to her house two blocks away).

So what's an Instructor supposed to do?
As I like to tell my students, "One bird in the hand is better than two fingers in the bush." So I chose the former while offering the other clients free makeup sessions as compensation.

Thus is the life of yours truly, The Hardest Working Pick Up Instructor in the Seduction Community. I don't think many people have to grapple with or even UNDERSTAND the type of high quality problems of Instructors Pulling or Not Pulling During Bootcamp or whether or not to Get Laid Before Bootcamp that professional Pick Up Artists face.

Anyways, before I go off to San Francisco for another 1on1 Exclusive Mentorship, I give you Newborn's testimonial from the same bootcamp as Yellow Cab.

Oh, and FYI, Newborn was the client I was quoting on the Dating4Men.Com Podcast where he said, "I honestly had more fear of you [APB] whooping my ass then approach anxiety."

Tough Love, Without the Love (tm).
Newborn’s APB Los Angeles February 2-4, 2007 Bootcamp Testimonial

There is no doubt that APB is a kick-ass instructor. He will literally whoop your ass if you don’t give it your all. He gives his best and expects nothing less in return. He has an intensity that I haven’t seen in any Asian guy. It rivals crazy drunk frat boys. His passion was not only infectious, it was motivational...

As mentioned in an earlier testimonial, he is not tall and his looks are only average, but he makes up for it in fashion, style, and personality. I am an intermediate level, with about 5 months of solid field experience. I used to be a KJ, reading everything I could get my hands on. I am now reaching about 200 approaches, but the information alone that APB gives you is pure gold.

He talks only about personally field tested information that you won’t find anywhere else. Although his information follows principles currently out, nobody else has such specifically tailored information for average looking Asian guys.

I would have liked more critiques during the field, but the information alone was worth it for me. It gave me a basis to grow off of, and if I can’t continue to consistently practice, all that field experience and feedback from APB would have been useless anyway. Success can’t come from anyone but me.

Day 1 is all about the approach.

He effectively brings you into the world of Asian PUAs, whether you are a beginner or intermediate. He prepared us to do nothing but get approaching down. He helped us develop original openers that pertained to our real lives and helped us actually physically practice them. I was extremely impressed with how broken down everything was. He also had us do some awesome exercises on tonality and spontaneity.

At night, the approach anxiety I thought I had was gone, probably because I was more concerned with making APB proud then getting rejected by a random girl. OCwaterboy also came out to LA and I was lucky to be able to witness his low energy yet highly effective direct game.

The only thing I would have preferred at this point was to have APB wing in more sets to help the seduction along, but I realize he purposely stays out for my own good, so I do not learn to depend on him. This was a very effective night of approach practice.

As an intermediate PUA, Day 2 is where an atom bomb of information was dropped into my head.

Lecture mainly covered storytelling, emotional connection, attraction switches, and direct game. If I had to say what APB’s greatest strength was, it would hands down be storytelling and his ability to evoke almost any emotion he wants.

We would give him story examples and he would tell the story back to us like it was his own. I mean, he had me convinced when he told my own story back to me. That’s how good he was. After unsuccessfully trying to absorb all the information, we went out to a high class part of Hollywood.

We ended up waiting too long for the Cabana Club and left (even though there were a lot of hot girls there), but we had to make the most out of the night we had left. Luckily, being the VIP that APB is, we got into this club/bar/restaurant/social club. I practiced direct openers all night long. Much to my amazement, it worked every time. I still had trouble spiking BT to high levels and bring it back down with emotional connection, but APB was there again to inspire me.

I will never forget when he sat me down and gave me probably the most intense, inspirational speech I have ever gotten. My goal in this bootcamp was to practice direct game, and even though I didn’t pull that night, I was satisfied. APB, being the pimp that he is, pulled a girl that night. I would have liked more field time with his critiquing, but I realize he is a man and that’s what men do.

Day 3 was another information packed day.

I would have definitely liked to have had him take us shopping to pimp ourselves out, but since he pulled the previous night he was unable to. However, the information was again golden.

This day’s lecture was mainly about the Day Two’s, what to do after getting the number or next date. Sunday night was the most uneventful of the 3 nights for me. Since APB and Yellow Cab were pulling two sisters that night (read the awesome field report), the other student and I ended up going to a purely house dance club.

Even though we ran through pretty much all the sets, it was too loud and the girls were non-responsive. I definitely would have felt I got the short end of the stick in this situation, but APB gracefully rectified the situation.

Overall, I would highly recommend APB to any Asian man. As I said above, he brings an intensity that will bring the best out of you. There is no doubt that the information he provides is worth the price of the bootcamp alone. Seeing him in action also helped me realize what was possible and what to strive for.

The only suggestion for improvement I had was to have more practice during lecture. The information you give is so good that it is overwhelming.

I was unable to fully remember everything and more practice would have helped solidify it. Besides that, I have nothing but the utmost respect and satisfaction for APB, his program, and everything he believes in and strives to accomplish.

With APB, greatness is well within reach Asian brothers!

-Newborn (Los Angeles)

Signed, Asian Playboy


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