[GRUNGEY] Race Becomes An Issue Only If You Allow It To Be

"Most the girls I’ve dated haven’t dated an Asian Guy before me. I’m the first one. Why haven’t they dated any Asian guy before me? That’s because these guys don’t even try. Even when they do try, their beliefs betray their actions."
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Race becomes an issue only if you allow it to be

Ok, I’m not going to try to give you theories on why Race is an issue when it comes to dating.

I’m just going to give you the truth. The facts from my experience, and the experience of every other guy that’s broken through that one barrier that prevents most minorities from getting the girl they want and that’s the issue of race being a factor.

So is race a factor? Yes and No.

Yes, it’s a factor if you make it a factor. No, if you’re belief is stronger than everyone else around you. It’s hard, I know. Every time I walk around I still get looks from a lot of people. I get that “How weird, an interracial couple”. Well it doesn’t stop me does it?

Back in the days, people used to date within their race, culture, and social class. Well things have changed. As usual, there are groups of people that break the norm, think out of the box, and do whatever they want. In other words, they don’t give a shit about what other people think.

These are the people that make a difference.

There are different schools of thoughts and beliefs out there. Religion, politics, and dating are some of them. It’s hard to break through the norms especially if you’ve come from a family that imposes a certain standard on you or if you are surrounded by people who tell you otherwise.

They’re all been blinded by their culture, society, and beliefs. It’s very hard to change someone’s belief and that’s not a bad thing. You just have to understand that your perception becomes your reality. If you believe in something, strong enough, then it becomes your reality.

Did you understand what I just said?

People are successful because they chose to be

People are unsuccessful because they chose to be

First of all, if you’re a minority, I urge you to look around you. See if there are any guys, the same race as you are, that’s out there dating a hot girl. For most guys, they think the stereotypical “Blond hair blue eyed” girl won’t even give them a second look.

It’s probably true. That’s because every single guy probably thinks like you do and end up not even going for it.

So she probably ends up thinking

“Geesh, this guy is really shy, I’m giving him so many signs but they’re still not talking to me”

While the guy thinks

“Oh yeah, she doesn’t really like me, she’s just friendly with everyone”

Snap out of it.

Most the girls I’ve dated haven’t dated an Asian Guy before me. I’m the first one. Why haven’t they dated any Asian guy before me? That’s because these guys don’t even try. Even when they do try, their beliefs betray their actions.

You got to believe it’s going to work. You just have to or else it won’t.

One of the best compliments I received was from a mother of a girl I’m currently dating. One day she told me “It’s funny, no one in our family history has ever dated an Asian guy. You are the first one. I’ve never pictured my daughter dating someone out of our race but when I met you I saw you for your personality and not for your race”.

I’m living proof that it’s possible. There are currently more than 160 guys, and counting, that have been converted.

When are you going to change?

I’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg here. I can go on for days on this topic. I’ll be writing more on this in the future. But for now, I encourage you to challenge your beliefs.




Let me ask you this…

When was the last time that your beliefs your own race stopped you from going for a girl?

Let me suggest this…

Have the “I don’t give a S*** what happens, I’m going for it”

Any comments? Suggestions? Shoot me a quick line at my e-mail.

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Signed, Asian Playboy


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