Picking up girls in Classrooms, Work, and situations where you see her over and over again (PART 1)

I've been getting a couple of e-mails from college guys aspiring to seduce and date women from their social circle, work, and situations where they see the girl over and over again. There are a lot of methods in accomplishing this and today I'll go over some key elements that you guys can hopefully integrate in your toolbox right away.

In this scenario there is no pressure to run all your routines on the very first day. Why is this? You'll see them over and over again for God knows how long. You have plenty of time to kill. As one famous pick up artist said that the material we use is fuel for movement and we need to save as much as we can because we are going for distance not speed. Having this in mind at all times will help you fill in the gap by vibing and being yourself most of the time but don't get me wrong, you'll still need your tools. Unlike night game, day game scenarios like does the job of building some comfort and familiarity for you. This works in your favor. Now let’s get to some of the meat in this post. One of the things that will set the tone for the rest of month, year, how ever long you want to stay is your


The minute you walk into that store, classroom, insert social place here all eyes are on you. Women will observe how you're dressed, how you carry yourself, and how you interact with people and how people respond to you. Most of these things they process on an unconscious level and before you know it, you've been categorized. You must be congruent to who you present yourself to be. I personally like to keep people intrigued by being unpredictable with the way I dress up. Well that's just me. Anyways, one of the things that can make things easier for you is forming a POSITIVE SOCIAL PROOF. How do you do this? Talk to everyone regardless of who they are. Be that fun, social, interesting guy that bring value to people's lives. I don't care if she's 17, 24, 35, 77, just talk to them. I still remember great conversations that I've had with a 60 year old woman from France that was in my psychology class and man I shit you not, it was a pretty interesting conversation for me. It's just interesting to me and it should be to all of you guys too. When building a skill set, don't just customize your skills to beautiful women, develop one that will get you to intrigue and appreciate everybody from all walks of life no matter who they are or appear to be. Being that social guy shouldn't be something you can turn on or off. It should be something you are. Something you do on a daily basis.

Ok next thing I'd like to talk about is my basic structure that I learned from a sales book. It's called the "Three point Introduction". There are so many ways you can apply this all through out the phases of building relationships with people. Practical Use in a sales environment

Scenario: you are meeting with a client

1. You shake his hand, introduce yourself, and lead him to a seat then leave as you order for a drink or something.
2. You come back and do some small talk then after a few minutes you excuse yourself once again as you get a drink or make a call... Etc.
3. You come back and then you can start telling your story, getting his, and eliciting values....

This whole routine is geared towards creating a sense of comfort. It gives the buyer some space to relax as he familiarizes himself with the settings. This plays an important role of communicating to the buyer that you are in no rush or whatsoever to gear things in once specific direction right off the bat. It also plays this psychological trick that makes it seem like you've known each other for a pretty long time and it builds a lot of... Let me hear you guys??? SEX.. Sexual tension I mean. Anyways, my application of this concept (I will focus on each specifically in the upcoming days)

1. Social Circle (this can be done on the same day, or on several different days)

1st time you see her
a.intro, unique handshake, then leave
b. c&f comment or joke, then leave or false takeaway
c. Build value through stories, magic, etc, then leave,
d. (if necessary) Neg then leave. Funny face or stick your tongue out then leave

2nd time you see her
a. A good story, tease a little bit, get to know her a bit, Leave an open loop, then leave at a high note

3rd time you see her.
She usually opens you so you can just go straight to getting to know her '

2. Building comfort in the seduction location
a. leave her and do something like make calls, do your laundry, Watch a movie you saved on Tivo, and etc...
b. join her, talk a little bit about life and do some fun playful stuff, then excuse yourself again
c. Be a little bit serious this time, talk about deep and meaningful topics then escalate in whichever way you prefer.

There are a lot of areas in life where you can use this concept. I hope this helps one way or another in getting to know everyone and at the same time working the room. This is something that I start doing during the very first day. How weird do you think it would look like if for 4 months you've been the really quiet guy who barely says a thing and then on the 5th month you start working the room. It's just plain weird in my opinion. You get a much better chance starting it on the very first day of class. It should be something that's second nature to you. If not, then practice the 3 second rule until you get to the point that you don't need it anymore cause it's just who you are. The 3 second man... YEAH! Whichever way you want to interpret that.

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Till next time my fellow

Grungey10’s quote to students: “ I’m responsible for helping you develop a skill set that most guys would die to have and whatever you choose to do with it is totally up to you“.