The Power of Positive Thinking by Grungey

I finally found time to write this article. I'm currently on my springbreak down here in Arizona. Fun times. Just to fill you guys in, In case you didn't know, this place is like one giant oven in summer. I mean, It's not summer yet but when you walk outside your skin will burn!

I haven't paid for dinner in the past couple of days. Waiters down here can be really forgetful at times. I don't know why. All i know is that I eat out with two gorgeous women (My girlfriend and her roomate)and then when it comes time to pay the waiter comes back and delivers the famous line: "Sorry for the long wait guys, I forgot to punch your orders in the cash register. There won't be any bill for tonight" then he smiles and leaves. WOW! Women have so much power nowadays.

Anyways, my main focus for today is the importance of working on your inner frame. Your way of thinking affects the way you perceive things and the way you are perceived by people. There's a process that everyone goes through when they learn how to be more successful with women.

1.) They absorb as much information as they can about pick up.
2.) They look for mentors that can help them (Not all are fortunate to find good
mentors). They usually want to see the mentor in action or they want to see a
demonstration of a theory. In this stage, they will try to imitate as much as
they can from their mentor. This includes modelling their behavior, way of
thinking, and even the words they say.
3.) They try to implement all the information that they have collected. There will
be a period of incongruence that will occur.
4.) They have finally internalized everything and they will start to see results.

This process usually occurs within weeks, months, or years of constant practice. Either way it's possible.

Lets go over the importance of having a positive frame of thinking. Have you ever heard of the saying that you can either view a glass as half empty or half full? In reality, it's actually the same thing. The only difference is the way that's being interpreted. It's like viewing the world through different colored lenses. Lets say you have 2 colored lenses, one is red and the other is black. If you put the red one on and walk outside, you're going to think that it's brighter than it really is. On the other hand, when you put the black one on and walk outside, everything will seem darker than it really is. My point is that everyone views the world through different lenses. Mostof your views and beliefs set you back and prevent you from experiencing success.


Most of your views maybe jaded.

They're not real but you can actually do something about it.

Society has programmed a lot of the beliefs we have today.

Do you really think that Getting rich is the only way to attract women?

Why do rockstars and jocks get all the women while the majority of men
just stand waiting on the side line?

It's because society has programmed into each one of us that if we become rockstars, jocks, or rich men thatwomen will flock to us like bees flock to honey.

Well that's true but there's more behind it than just that.

Do you want to hear something shocking?

I'll tell you something that you might not believe in at first. Heck, I didn't till I saw some real world results.


You want proof?

I want you to think back and remember an instance when you saw a regular guy with a really attractive woman. Think about that time when you were walking in the mall with your fist clenched as you saw someone just like you with a tall, fit, and stunning woman. I'm sure you can remember instances like this. People that witness this usually start coming up with reasons why the girl is attracted to that guy.

They start rationalizing and thinking that maybe he's well hung, really rich, someone famous, or someone talented.

Why do people think that way? It's because the things they see goes against their personal beliefs. It goes against what society has programmed in their minds ever since they were kids.

One of the biggest reasons why Jocks, rockstars, muscular, and good looking guys are more successful than the majority of the other guys out there is because


In their minds, since they've achieved a certain level of status in the male hierarchy, they are now allowed to act more confident and go after the girls they want. Do you see what's going on in here? In their minds, they need to achieve a certain level of status before they can act cool and confident.

Now don't get me wrong here. Being a rockstar is a cool thing but if the only reason why you're doing it is to get girls then you're looking at things in a different angle.

The difference between the normal looking guy that gets really attractive women and the normal looking guy that doesn't is their belief system.

It all starts from there.

Do you know the difference between the normal looking guys that are successful with women and the normal looking guys that are not?


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