Groove Grouses About College Classroom Game

"At the same time however, the first 2 or 3 classes are CRUCIAL. This is the time before everyone has gotten a feel for the class and the people in it. I always make it a point on these days to dress slightly above the typical fashion curve of what most students wear."
From my former student turned assistant Groove of stripper threesome fame, I give you his thoughts on attracting horny coeds in college classrooms.

I'm finishing up with a student here from San Francisco and this Friday I will be flying up to Los Angeles for a 3on1 group bootcamp. After that, it's Brazil and Vegas, talk about having a kick ass job!
This thread is going to be about a very specific type of Daygame which I have had success in: gaming girls in a classroom setting. As such I realize it may not be super-useful to a lot of post-college guys on here. Nonetheless, I welcome some feedback and input. I am in no way a master of Daygame in general, but I view classroom gaming as a bit of a different animal. I'll explain why a little later.

I'm inspired to write this and update it as need be (almost as a mini-journal) after laying the foundation with an HB8.5 today in a class. Hopefully it will materialize into a lay report later.

I'll give some background briefly.

As a lot of you know, I'm a musician and am studying music in college. My degree plan requires me to take a "Fundamentals of Conducting" course (which is bullshit btw because never in my professional career will I be in front of an orchestra or choir, but I digress).

The girl, HBButterfly, as she has a nice little tattoo above her pert, round ass; is a brunette with nice big tits. She's also a singer which I've always been partial to.

One thing to keep in mind when dealing with gaming girls in class is this: you've got some time. It's one of the few types of game where you are guaranteed to see the girl several times a week, for an extended period of time; so the need to lay down a lot of attract game isn't as high, especially if the class is MWF at 9am (mine is) and everyone is half dead anyways...

At the same time however, the first 2 or 3 classes are CRUCIAL. This is the time before everyone has gotten a feel for the class and the people in it. I always make it a point on these days to dress slightly above the typical fashion curve of what most students wear. Nothing extremely peacocky, but something that will set you apart from the pack. You can tone this down later in the semester.

Here's how it's gone down so far with HBbutterfly:

The class met very briefly last week, and once today. During the first class meeting I ALWAYS sit in the back, and, depending on the size of the class, try to take up some space. Of course I spy this chick. My first conscious decision is to simply assert my presense in the class in such a way that is either funny/playful/lighthearted but NOT goofy. Chicks don't wanna fuck the class clown.

In this case, as the professor was calling role I make a lighthearted comment about a name mneumonics trick I tell people that helps them remember how to pronounce my name. The whole class chuckles and at this point HBbutterfly turns and notices me. I see her check me out. I still will try and DHV whenever possible to the class; fortunately this is a music class and the professor asks everyone what instrument they play. It's by and large a classical music class, so you get a lot of oboe, bassoon, violin, trumpet, blah blah....When it comes to me I proudly annonce electric guitar, to which I get a few tiny chuckles and HBbutterfly further checks me out and gives an audible "Ooh..."

Fast forward to today.

I arrive before her which is important so I can gauge the logistics of seating arrangments. I situate myself somewhat near the door with two empty seats on my right. A friend of mine comes and sits one down on the right leaving one empty chair between us. This is no bueno. It's gonna make it a lot harder for HBbutterfly to come and sit between two guys in order to chat with me. I make a quick fix and scoot one to the right so that there's now an empty chair on my left with nothing on its left. To me these tiniest of details like this are HUGE, because sure enough she walks straight in and plops down next to me.

I continue chatting with my buddy and notice my target sneaking glimpses at me. I'll throw in an occasional comment to her about the professor or something situational just to feel out her receptivity level. I get the feeling her BT is already warming up because she always looks me in the eye and smiles when she responds. Again like I said, not really heavy on attract in the beginning. I eventually engage her fully and ask her what she plays. She then proceeds to give me the BEST BODY LANGUAGE CUES I'VE EVER GOTTEN this early in a sarge in the daytime.

She turns completely sideways in her chair, facing me directly with her legs crossed, and smiles as she says: "I'm a vocalist. What do you play" (Of course I know she knows what I play based on the previous class).

I tell her guitar and she repeats her

HB: Ooh...
G: But I'm not gonna be bringing it to this class, I don't wanna carry the amp
HB: you HAVE to bring it.
G: Eh, this class is sooo early, I dunno. Do you want me to bring it just for you?
(with some light kino on her arm)
HB: Yess
G: Ok, well we will see.

The professor then gets up to give his spiel, leaving me and my chickie with some nice sexual tension to marinade in, which I occasionally ease by a fun comment, banter. Logistics eventually kinda messed me up a little bit because the professor had us move all around to play music.

As the class ended she again found me and told me I have to bring my guitar at least once. I said "Ok, just for you" with some more light kino. Then we parted.

Now, a few things to keep in mind. Like I said, you've got some time on your hands when you're in a class; so don't be in a hurry to rush things. However it's important to make the right first impression though. It will save you LOADS of work down the road.

Also, like I alluded to, kino can be a tricky thing in any daygame atmosphere, but especially in a classroom. People just aren't goin around touching everyone in class, it'd be weird. I like to always keep in light and playful early on. A hand on the arm/shoulder when teasing. Maybe a soft touch of the knee when reinitiating a conversation. I actually did this with her at one point when I asked her what page we were on and she had her book in her lap. Keep the medium kino for a little later when hopefully you're with her outside of the class, unless you can very obviously tell she is extremely touchy-feely and will be receptive to it.

Wednesday I'll flirt a little more, and if I get the chance maybe start a little comfort discussion. And hopefully by Friday I'll have a phone number with a solid time bridge.

I'll keep this thread updated as it happens, both for my own edification and to help out some of ya'll in school with all these raging horny co-eds in your classes!


Signed, Asian Playboy


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