Introductory, One Day Bootcamp Testimonial: Colossus

"The bootcamp more than exceeded my expectations...

One of the awesome things he went over was Body Language Positioning, which is ways to position yourself and your target in optimal ways.

If you want blast past sticking points, maybe just smooth out rough edges in your game, hell maybe you're a complete newb, I can't recommend APB highly enough."

From Oklahoma, an Oklahoma bro by the handle Colossus (also former student of Spirit Fingers- instructor for the top notch theApproach guys and awesome writer of the Sex Revolution ebook- whom we shot the bullshit on the phone during lecture) took a One Day Introductory Bootcamp with me. Usually this program is for those who either want a refresher or an introduction into the scene of Pick Up.

It's not something I usually do (but I offer since I understand some people have budget considerations) as the material is typically too intense and too plentiful for one day to cover, but I can customize it in one of two ways:

1) A brief overview of the entire spectrum of Approach, Pick Up, and Seduction... the entire ABCs of Attraction condensed into 4 to 5 hours of lecture with fieldwork.


2) The "standard" customized first day of a 3 Day, Full Program that covers how to approach effectively and powerfully. In other words, the A (Approach & Attract) and B (Buying Temperature).

Either one depending upon the student's individual needs, desires, and goals. Colossus, in this case being formally educated previously, had most of his shit down, he had an AWESOME rocker Lenny Kravitz look, but just needed a LITTLE EXTRA PUSH in the right direction (namely pushing for a venue change to his hotel for sex).

Anyways, Colossus' program was fun and different for me- the instructor- as it was a pretty powerful display of Passive Value on my part (due to both previous groundwork and random luck/opportunity that night). I can (if and when demanded) do demonstrations. But on this one day (before doing a Full Exclusive Program in Denver the next day), I did NOT do a single cold approach.

Not that I was afraid. Or hesistant.

But rather, EVERY SINGLE GIRL APPROACHED ME. Cold, warm, and everything else, girls approached me the entire night. I believe close to half a dozen girls approached me due to BLP (Body Language Positioning), Passive Value, and Social Circle / Social Proof whereupon I then had Colossus engage the other girl.

I had him push past his own mental boundaries and try to go for a bounce/sex venue change, something he had never down before. At the end, as Colossus can attest, this attractive Asian American girl pulled ME into the bathroom (crazy, ADD insane, but pretty nonetheless).

I felt bad, initially, as she WAS married (to a white guy). So I decided, being the magnanimous mangina that I am, to take one for the Asian home team. I've pulled girls into bathrooms for hanky panky action, but this is the first that a student has witnessed such an infamous event, where SHE was the agressor and pulled ME into the men's bathroom, and where someone can verify by their own eyes.

It's good to be The Asian Playboy.

"Took a one-day intro bootcamp with APB. It was decided that it would basically be day one of his 3-day bootcamp. I had wanted to do a one-on-one with a great instructor so I could get feedback on what I did well, and what I needed to work on. Well, the bootcamp more than exceeded my expectations.

All the material that APB taught was great. Since it was only a 1-day thing, he went over A and B in his system, the ABC's of Attraction. One of the awesome things he went over was Body Language Positioning, which is ways to position yourself and your target in optimal ways. Extremely useful and very subtle, I'm sure this is a deep area and countless ways to apply this depending on your venue's layout and logistics within.

Also did some really good spontanaeity and tonality exercises. Also did some exercises where he worked with me to get stories out of my life that I can use to convey my personality. At the end of the lecture on our way to the venue APB gave me a great structure for a stack and material that I would use that night.

Since it was apparently the first real cold night in town, the venues we hit were sparsely populated but worked a few quality sets at both venues that we hit. After each set APB would let me know what I did right and what I did wrong. Worked a real good two set at the second venue, attracted my target, friend left us alone in isolation, moved her around the venue. Didn't go for the kiss-close, but learned alot from this set.

End of night debriefing where APB went over everything that went down. Very informative and stuff that I need continue to work on. In addition, a debreifing e-mail that recapped everything as well as advice on what to do tailored to me.

If you want blast past sticking points, maybe just smooth out rough edges in your game, hell maybe you're a complete newb, I can't recommend APB highly enough. Extremely practical advice to use out in the field, great instruction and personalized ways on how to continue to improve."

-Colossus (Oklahoma)

The bottomline, gentleman, I offer a pretty intensive, intimate, 1 on 1 experience that is generally ass kicking, unforgiving, and definitely unforgettable. You can sign up for a prospective bootcamp with no obligation that also includes a phone consultation with me.

What do you have to lose? As I told one Canadian student that I'm meeting next week, "I'm not giving up on YOU, if you don't give up on YOURSELF." You don't need to like me. You don't need to love me. But you DO need to LEARN and PUSH YOURSELF. I accept nothing less than your absolute best, at whatever level be it beginner to intermediate, just your determination and willingness to succeed and surmount all obstacles in your way- be they mental self-limiting beliefs or physical and external challenges.

You WILL give me your best or I will inspire/push/beat it out of you. I can be as kind as I am unforgiving.

If I can do it, so can you.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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