The Interracial Dating Disparity... Russian Women and Chinese Men

[UPDATE 2009: Read about the Final, Definitive Solution to the Interracial Dating Disparity]

"He saw the biggest threat coming from Chinese men... Many have settled in Russia's far east with Russian brides, who appreciate the fact that their foreign husbands tend to drink far less than local men."
Landland from the Art of Charisma for the Asian Male found an interesting news article.

While we all know about the IR Disparity here in America, apparently Russia has the same issue, but in reverse. Apparently Russia's most beautiful women are marrying Chinese men to the point that a Russian political party is backing a bill to "punish those race traitors."

Update: It appears that the last two paragraphs are no longer part of the article. I've included the reference to Chinese/Russian outmarriages below.

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Hands off our women, Russian MP tells foreigners

By Andrew Osborn

MOSCOW - Scandalised by the fact that some of Russia's most beautiful women are opting to marry foreigners, the ultra-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky is backing a bill that would make them think twice before exchanging vows with a non-Russian.

His party, the incongruously named Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, has drafted a draconian marriage bill that will now be considered by the Duma, the Russian Parliament.

It envisages severe penalties for Russian girls or women who choose "unpatriotically" to wed a foreigner, a trend the party believes is robbing the country's gene pool of its greatest resource.

In rhetoric uncomfortably reminiscent of that used by the Nazis, the party believes that the large number of Russian women taking foreign spouses is a threat to national security that risks undermining Russian identity and "the purity of the Russian race".

It is proposing punishing such female "traitors" by stripping them of their citizenship, deporting them to the country of their new husband and never allowing them to return.

The party also wants them to feel the pain in their pockets and is suggesting that their Russian assets be automatically distributed among their relatives or given to the state.

The bill has formally been proposed by MP Nikolai Kuryanovich, a member of the Parliament's powerful National Security Committee, with the explicit backing of the fiery Zhirinovsky.

"Our wonderful women are the best in the world," Kuryanovich told Ekho Moskvy radio. "Wherever I have been, I have rarely seen beautiful girls, only in Russia and some other Slav nations."

Calling Russia's female population a "national treasure", he said the bill was being introduced "in order not to squander our gene pool".

If nothing was done, said Mr Kuryanovich, outsiders would acquire worrying levels of influence and territory in Russia through their spouses. The offspring of such ill-advised matches would not grow up to be "genuine" Russians. He saw the biggest threat coming from Chinese men, whose choice of potential spouses at home has been restricted by Beijing's "one child" policy. Many have settled in Russia's far east with Russian brides, who appreciate the fact that their foreign husbands tend to drink far less than local men.

"If we don't react now, in 50 or 100 years the Chinese and other Asian nations will be masters in our house and the Russians will become service staff," claimed the MP.

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