Fashion Advice for Asian Men - Accessories That Give the Most Bang for Your Buck

Other than Ed Hardy, most things you can buy relatively cheap, yet can get you opened and complimented upon without the shit testing and AMOGing that comes with peacock items.

See, being fashion forward isn't about peacocking.

No one item overwhelms your overall wardrobe (like an LED Sign on your chest), but when combined, creates a very cool, put together, image where the whole is greater than it's parts. Also, it destroys any kind of preconceptions she might be carrying if she can't put you in a "easy-fit" stereotype.

You're one, two, maybe three levels above others, but you're not an outrageous ten plus levels. You're dressing within a social context, but still way better than others. You won't be opened as much if you peacock, but you also won't be shit tested (if ever) by having a fashion forward, cohesive style.

I give you...

BIG OL BELT BUCKLE - $30 to $50 (including interchangeable belt). Belt buckles can also be interchangable so you can switch one big ass cool belt buckle with another. And guess what? She's staring at your Money Maker. AND, what's one way that women are like Fish? Why, they like big, bright, shiny objects.

HAT - $50 -$70+. If you're balding, like some PUAs I know, but don't want to shave... Wear a cool ass hat. Golf hat, safari hat, or something. Nothing TOO big, mind you, that's peacocking. But something that's noticeable but not waaay out there to be clownish.

BELT CHAIN - $20 - $30. Cool chain to hook from your belt buckle to wallet. Goes with any "hard edge look" and goes nicely with motorcycle boots.

BOOTS/SHOES - $70 - $100. From motorcycle boots that give a little 1" lift and hard edge look to flashy comfort shoes good for dancing... With my boots, I had one girl actually chase me into a bathroom to compliment me and ask me where I got my boots.

Signed, Asian Playboy

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