Getting Laid and Getting Paid... The Tao of Seduction Blogging

Blog GoalsI'm a simple man with simple needs. Like everyone else, I need to eat, sleep, make money, have a roof over my head, and someone warm to hold me tight when I fall asleep.

I'm no different from anyone else. Really

I'm just a typical Asian American schlub who happens to hate the thought of turning myself into another Human Battery for the Matrix (ie I'm a schlub who's too lazy to get a real job) and somewhere along the way, acquired a respectable amount of skill at attracting the ladies that has turned into both a business and lifestyle of getting paid to get laid (and teaching Asian American men how).

Of course, as it is with many pursuits, I've known a lot people to laugh at the idea- the very thought- that men can not only LEARN this as a skill, but also that they SHOULD. But as it is with the Tao,

"When a superior man hears of the Tao,
he immediately begins to embody it.
When an average man hears of the Tao,
he half believes it, half doubts it.
When a foolish man hears of the Tao,
he laughs out loud.
If he didn't laugh,
it wouldn't be the Tao.

The Tao Te Ching
by Lao Tzu

So be as it may, when I started blogging, there was no real business aspect in place and only vague goals. Now that I think about it, I think it was more a project of vanity and allowing myself to ramble in my own little corner of electrons.

I had nebulous goals like:

Goals of 2005-06:
  1. Get Laid More
  2. Post Stories
  3. Post Ramblings
  4. Help out my fellow man. Maybe. If I have time.
  5. Get Laid Even More
No lofty goals for me, no trying to change the world or be Captain Save'A'Ho, just a lot of mental masturbation in the electron playground that is the internet and blogosphere.

It's now been one year later since I first started this blog (time sure flies). My, how things have changed, including what I set out to do with my blog, business, and life.

In that time,
How's that for random and not even having a plan to go commercial with this?

So things have changed for me, almost all for the better. I really enjoy what I've been doing, helping out my fellow Asian and non-Asian brothers alike. Yes it is draining and the constant travel has definitely hampered the social life that I worked hard to build when I first moved here, but all in all, it's been a good year for me.

Here are my new goals for the Second Year of the Asian Playboy Blog:

Goals of 2006-07:
  1. Get Laid Even More
  2. Travel outside of North America like London, Paris, and Australia
  3. Form an Asian lifestyle ring of websites dedicated to helping out all of Asian mankind
  4. Start holding larger group bootcamps requiring less weekly traveling
  5. Continue cultivating Asian PUAs for the 2006 Top Asian PUA Awards and beyond.
  6. Finish my damn seduction e-courses
  7. Start writing an ebook
  8. Make more money
  9. Increase traffic and readership
  10. Have more threesomes
  11. Maybe get a local intern to help out with all the tedious details
  12. Get Laid Even Morer
There you go, my goals. Nothing lofty, profound or earth shaking.

So thanks to all my visitors, readers, contributers, students and clients alike. This blog, and myself, wouldn't have been a success without you.

What will the end of the second year bring and the start of the third? Will I decide to settle down and actually get a serious girlfriend (or two)?

Signed, Asian Playboy

PS Why did I write this post?
Over at ProBlogger Daren is running a Group Writing Project about Blog Goals. This post is meant to be a part of that project.

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