In the Beginning... There was Light...

So here we are at this grand, momentous occasion: the very first Asian Playboy post. Rejoice! For I have come to shed light upon your miserably incomplete lives.

First and foremost, the aim of my blog is to record my thoughts and adventures. Secondly, it's to entertain those of you fortunate enough to have been directed to my site. And finally, to shed some light on my playboy ways, that you too, might one day achieve.

Quick info about me: I'm 5"6, avg/lean bodytype, Vietnamese, a helluva snappy dresser (comes from living in Hollywood and traveling Europe), good hair with mild highlights (not that crazy military buzzcut that I see all these Texas Asians sporting), cute (well, American girls think I'm a cute 6 while European girls think I'm a hot 9, go figure) in my mid/late 20s.

I just moved to Dallas (literally this last Monday and I've been out every single night since) from the beautifully superficial Los Angeles.

Just call me, The Asian Playboy.